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Adam Ball Biography – Adam Ball Wiki

Adam Ball is a bricklayer and a contestant on MasterChef UK 2023. He works as a bricklayer and lives in Bristol with his wife, daughter and dog.

How would you describe your style of cooking?

“I love to cook all styles of food, I really love making food that people like to eat! My wife was diagnosed with coeliac disease a couple of years ago. We found it really hard finding certain foods that she loves so this spurred me on to experiment even more with my dishes. I really try to make food that tastes good and looks good, and am constantly developing recipes that look eye catching.”

What is your earliest cooking memory?

“I remember baking cakes with my gran when I was younger, although I’d eat most of the cake mix before it was baked! I had a very sweet tooth as a child and still do now.”

Why did you enter MasterChef?

“I entered MasterChef because it’s a great competition. My wife and I have enjoyed it for years and years. I’m still in shock that I got on! I really wanted to test my nerve in the kitchen and I really respect the judges so to be cooking for them is amazing.”

What is your food dream?

“My food dream is to be in the food industry. I’d love pursue a career as a private chef, as you get to interact with people and cook them food, that is what I’d love to do. I also have a notepad full to the brim of recipes that I would really like to turn into a cook book one day.”

“Most people go to music festivals, I go to food festivals!!! I would love to demonstrate or be a part of one in the future. Bristol is an amazing place to live if you love food. I hope I can be a big part of it in the future. MasterChef really does give you a drive to push for what you want. I know now that I want to be cooking for people!”

Adam Ball Age

Adam Ball is 34 years old as of 2023.

Adam Ball MasterChef

Adam Ball is one of the MasterChef 2023 Contestants cooking for John Torode and Gregg Wallace in the second week of heats of the BBC One reality show. He revealed the news on Instagram, writing, “I’m on MasterChef”.

“Sometimes in life you have to do things that scare you or you’ll always get stuck doing the same thing. I love cooking food so it’s time to do something about it! This is completely out of my comfort zone, but I’m loving every single second of it.”

Adam Ball’s wife, Lesley Susan, wrote on Instagram: “our very own @what_is_adam_cooking is a contestant on @masterchefuk 2023”.

“Still can’t believe this is happening but glad I now have some physical evidence that he wasn’t just going on little trips to get a decent night sleep.

“Seriously though, what this boy has achieved by getting onto the show is just incredible. His ambition, his drive and his commitment to this new journey has been unbelievable and I’ve seen a passion and interest in him that I’ve not seen before (apart from when it comes to me and Frank’s of course) Just when I think you can’t wow me anymore after 13 years…you go and do this.

“So happy this news is finally out and everyone can experience this excitement with us. can’t wait to hear that beautiful Bristolian tone on prime time @bbcone.

“I’m so lucky that @what_is_adam_cooking has such an interest in food and cooking and making dishes that I can eat at home which are completely #glutenfree…I probably don’t say enough but I couldn’t be more appreciative for this guy.”

Adam Ball Wife

Adam Ball is married to Lesley Susan. They have a daughter, Emma Thompson.

Adam Ball Family

Adam Ball lives in Bristol with his wife, daughter and dog.

Adam Ball Instagram

Adam Ball’s Instagram handle is @what_is_adam_cooking.