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Anne Georgulas is a Texas pediatrician who went to court so that her 7-year-old child James Younger could be identified as a girl named “Luna” despite the youth being born biologically a boy. She is from Coppell, TX 75019, United States. The mother claims the child is transgender. The case has become embroiled in the political debate due in part to a concerted effort by the child’s father, Jeff Younger, to gain attention to the case. He vehemently disagrees with treating James as a girl. A jury in Dallas, Texas previously ruled that the father should not have sole decision-making authority over the child. However, on October 24, Judge Kim Cooks decided that both parents should have a “joint managing conservatorship,” with both having “a say in his medical treatment,” The Texan reported.

According to the mother’s pediatrician website biography, she is a mother of four, two teenagers and two young children. She’s a board-certified pediatrician of the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP). ABP’s General Pediatrics Certificate is recognized throughout the world. Dr. Anne’s pediatric credentials signify a high level of competence.”Anne Georgulas and Jeffrey Younger, whose four-year marriage was annulled in 2016, fought in a Dallas family court for more than two years over the conservatorship of their child, who was named James at birth and whom Georgulas calls Luna.

According to Life Site, the judge also placed a gag order on both parents.
The mother says James is transgender and has gender dysphoria and presented experts in court who testified as such; the father says there should be a wait-and-see approach.

The story has been widely circulated in conservative circles, with the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., writing on Twitter: “This is child abuse. People need to start to stand up against this bullsh*t. Enough is enough.” Texas Governor Greg Abbott wrote on Twitter, “FYI the matter of 7-year-old James Younger is being looked into by the Texas Attorney General’s Office and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. #JamesYounger.” The father and his supporters have compiled a lengthy set of documents in the case, which you can read here.

The father has accused Georgulas of telling James that “monsters only eat boys.”

Anne Georgulas Husband

She got married to her ex-husband Jeff Younger, a mathematician, on December 5, 2010, when they were members of the Orthodox Church. Thei four year marriage was annuled in 2016.

Anne Georgulas Children

Before her marriage to Younger, Georgulas was the “sole parent of two adopted girls.” who are now teenagers. Together, they parented twin boys born in 2012. Their son James Younger who is 7 years old is caught in the middle of gender identification brought by controversies between his parents. He has a twin named Jude Younger.

Anne Georgulas Son Transgender

In a court document shared on the father’s website, the mother asked the court to stop the father “from signing Luna up as James for any activities or taking her as James or calling her James or using male pronouns related to Luna at any activities outside the home…” and asked the court to stop the father from “allowing the children to remain in the presence of anyone who is not calling Luna by her chosen name, ‘Luna,’ not using female pronouns to refer to her and otherwise not affirming Luna.”

On her Facebook page, which only contains a few family photos for public view, she posted a photo showing James Younger wearing a pink dress
The Texan’s Daniel Friend quoted a lawyer for the father as telling jurors: “You’ve heard of people who can’t agree if the sky is blue. These parents can’t even agree if their child is a boy or a girl.”
The mother insists that James wants to be Luna, identifies as a girl, and should be shown “affirmation,” whereas the dad wanted an approach of “watchful waiting,” The Texan reported, adding that the mother was not seeking medical transition at this time, such as puberty blockers, although that could change when the youth hits puberty. The mother wants to socially transition James to be Luna.

Before the judge’s October 24 ruling, the jury said James should have a “sole managing conservatorship” and that the father shouldn’t be the one give it. The mother argues the child should wear dresses and be considered a girl named “Luna” at school.

The father has a website called Save James and has raised more than $44,000 through it. The father claims the mother changed the child to a girl for business pictures on her pediatrician’s website.
According to The Texan, the mother claims she noticed James was identifying as a girl when he wanted a girl’s toy from McDonald’s, wanted to wear dresses, and imitated female Disney characters from Frozen. She was advised by Rebekka Ouer, a counselor at the GENecis clinic at Children’s Hospital Center, who believed James should start undergoing a “social transition” like a girl.

Three mental health professionals diagnosed James with gender dysphoria, according to The Texan. One therapist testified that James expressed anxiety because when the child was around Jeff Younger, James was “having to be a boy” and another said the child picked out the name Luna on sticky notes when asked whether the child wanted to be Luna or James.
The case was before Judge Kim Cooks of the 255th Family District Court. In contrast to the mother’s witnesses, two family friends testified that James is happy to be a boy, according to The Texan. Another expert testified that most children thought to be transgender identify with their biological sex eventually when watchful waiting is chosen.
An affidavit submitted by the mother and shared on the dad’s website stated that a judge had previously issued temporary orders stating that the “hair of James/Luna is to be worn in a manner that is normal for both a six-year-old boy and girl.” She claims that the father cut the child’s hair even though it was “already a fairly short boy cut” without getting permission from an Amicus Attorney. The mother wrote that she was “very concerned that Jeff” would “try to ‘out’” the child as James at a school event.

A court transcript shared by the father’s website quotes the mother as describing social transition as “when a child is allowed to present in whatever way they wish. So, normally, if you’re a transgender female, which is what my child would be considered, – they’ll choose dresses and use female pronouns and grow their hair long and want to do girl things, and you let them.”

In a video posted to the dad’s website, James is asked, “You’re a boy right?”

“No, I’m a girl.”

“Who told you you’re a girl?”


The child said Anne also put James in dresses. “She buys me headbands. She gets me hair clips…she paints my nails.”

“Do you think you’re a girl?” The child answered in the affirmative.

Anne Georgulas Pediatrician

She has a website that says; “Anne’s clinical practice is not just a profession – it’s her vocation. Whether it’s advising parents about difficult behavioral problems, pulling from her vast experience to diagnose a difficult illness, or just giving a few kind words while stitching up a cut, Dr. Anne’s goal is your child’s flourishing.”

The site continues, “Dr. Anne is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Children’s Medical Center. She trains the next generation of pediatricians in her style of compassionate, professional care. She focuses her teaching on differential diagnosis. Dr. Anne’s students learn to consider the whole child, the whole family, and the child’s environment.” Her professional Facebook page was deleted.
Georgulas’s website biography gives her credentials as follows:

University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, TX – MD, 1991
Children’s Medical Center Dallas – Pediatric Residency, 1994
American Academy of Pediatrics
Texas Pediatric Society
Texas Medical Association
Denton County Medical Association
Mom-Approved Doc 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 (Dallas Child Magazine)

The website labels her business “Dr. Anne modern parenting, classic healthcare.”

“Our family loves Dr. Anne Pediatrics for our two small children,” reads one review highlighted on the website.

On Yelp, people are posting reviews about Georgulas who are angry about the jury’s decision. However, there are some reviews that are dated before the news stories broke. One woman wrote in 2017 on Yelp, “I really like this office. The staff is very friendly and is good with the kids. I like Dr. Anne, she is nice and doesn’t over complicate things. She could be a little better at listening and spend a little more time in the room. The new Dr they have is great!!”

In 2018, a woman wrote, “In 1997 my best friend was living in Coppell, TX and stumbled across Dr. Geogulas’ practice only because it was convenient to her home. She was so impressed with ‘Dr. G,’ as we now call her, she insisted I try her for at least one visit with my two year old identical twins. Those same twins are now 23. Since that time, I have raised five children under Dr. Anne’s excellent care and guidance.”

In April 2019, a woman wrote, “My son’s scoliosis was misdiagnosed by Dr. G. The school nurse saw the curve while Dr. G did not. She had seen him for his annual physical shortly before the school nurse saw the curvature in his spine. He ended up with pediatric neurosurgery and wearing a brace. I cannot understand how his pediatrician did not see this problem.”

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