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Anita Manning Biography – Anita Manning Wiki

Anita Manning is a Scottish antiques expert and television personality. Manning came to the limelight for her appearances as an expert and presenter on the BBC’s Bargain Hunt, Flog It! and the Antiques Road Trip. She first got into the antiques business in the 1970s after buying a bed from an Irish dealer. After commenting on what a wonderful trade it was, being surrounded by beautiful objects, he offered her a job as a buyer.

After her first visit to Glasgow Scotland, as a buyer, she was purchasing and selling furniture in England and Ireland for about three years, driving all-around in a three-tonne truck. When her daughter Lala Manning left school, they went into business together. With her mother’s antiques knowledge and Lala’s business brain, they founded the Great Western Auctions in 1989, with a staff of just three. It has gradually grown to be one of the major independent auctioneers in Scotland. Manning was Scotland’s first female auctioneer.

In 2016 Manning set a new record for the largest profit on a single item on the Antiques Road Trip. A Buddha statue she had purchased for only £50 sold for £3,800, a 7,500% profit. Anita was a teacher before she got married and had children. She studied Physical Education and specialized in Dance at Aberdeen and Edinburgh. Anita currently resides in Glasgow, Scotland with her family.

Anita Manning Age

Antiques expert Anita Manning was born on December 1, 1947, in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. She is 75 years old as of 2023. She will celebrate her 76th birthday in December 2023.

Anita Manning Family

Anita has two children, Lala and Luke Manning. Her father used to take her to auctions on Sauchiehall Street, in Glasgow, Scotland, and hence she developed a love for antiques. Anita also puts her love of collectibles down to all the mahogany furniture she admired at her granny’s house growing up.

Anita Manning Husband

Is Anita Manning married? She is married, although there are no details about her husband. Anita has two children, Lala Manning and Luke Manning. Anita’s daughter, Lala Manning, joined her in her businesses, being the co-founder of The Great Western Auctions Ltd in 1989. Her son, Luke, currently resides in Hongkong and owns a business.

Anita Manning Hairstyle

Is Anita Manning hair real? Manning doesn’t wear a wig, according to an insider who has met her a couple of times at her Auction House in Glasgow.

Manning’s hairstyle has been the envy of many. One person commented on her hair on an online forum, writing, “I wish my hair could look like hers, she never seems to have a bad hair day.”

Another was convinced she wears a wig, writing, “I always assumed that she wore a wig. In fact, I’m sure it is as it never moves and looks a very un-natural colour.”

Another with a contrary opinion wrote: “I don’t think Anita has a wig because I could see her hair looked a different colour at the parting.”

A user identified as Charleygirl, added: “I personally feel that her hair is too dark for her age. When colouring she should go a few shades lighter.”

Anita Manning Net Worth

Antiques expert Anita Manning’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million.