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Alexis Saint-Pete Biography – Alexis Saint-Pete Wiki

Alexis Saint-Pete is a Polish drag queen artist and contestant on the fifth series of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. London-based Alexis, who uses the pronouns she/her in drag and he/him out of drag, moved to the UK at the age of 12 after being awarded a place at a prestigious dance school.

He started training to be a ballet dancer at the age of 4 and graduated from the Northern Ballet School in Manchester. The Drag Race UK star was a guest performer at the Brighton Pride 2022.

Speaking about how he discovered drag, Alexis told Spill the Tea magazine, a drag and LGBTQ+ dedicated UK magazine: “I’ve been working in the theatre since I was 4 years old so I was always around artists and creatives in general. Growing up, I was constantly inspired by the colours and outfits my colleagues used to wear…funnily enough mostly the outfits of the opposite gender!

But the first time I met a Drag Queen was when I took my Mom out to a gay bar in Manchester when I was 18. I thought I knew it all back then, then I saw this gorgeous person and I just gagged! Deep down in me I was shocked because I had never seen anyone else doing what I used to do at home when everyone was out. And they were getting paid for it!”

Drag Name

Alexis’ original drag name was “Queen Panthera”. She changed it after signing a contract with Blackpool’s Funny Girls. She explained: “My first Drag Experience was when I was signed to do a year’s contract at Blackpool’s FUNNY GIRLS. Back then I was called Queen Panthera. The cast was like hell no! So we changed it to the character I played from La La Land – Alexis. Later on I wanted to add some spiciness to it so I thought of adding something naughty and something of mine. Saint because back then I thought it meant sinner (I am still learning English but that was quite a funny moment) and Pete because my birth name is Peter.

Describing her drag, Alexis said: “My drag is something I’ve been building up within myself since I was a little boy that was bullied on a daily basis at home. I created this character in my head that was my best friend and she kept me strong and alive!

“Later on I decided to become her, fully embracing my saviour and bringing her to life! It is also strong. I never wanted to be approachable because I didn’t want the bullies to get to me. I guess that’s why a lot of people think I’m a b!tch because of how I paint but really I’m the easiest, most understanding, calm and loving person.”

Alexis Saint-Pete Age

Alexis Saint-Pete is 28 years old as of 2023. He was born in Poland. He is currently based in London, England.

Alexis Saint-Pete RuPaul’s Drag Race

Alexis Saint-Pete is a contestant on the fifth series of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. She is the first Polish drag queen to appear on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. Speaking to PinkNews, the 28-year-old said she wanted to raise awareness of the LGBTQ+ community situation in her home country Poland.

“When I got the call for the show, my reaction was ‘right, what more can I do than just show people my love to dance, my love [of] fashion’,” she explained. “I needed to make sure that I represent my people the right way and tell the story because… people don’t really know what’s happening down there [in Poland]. Our rights are really being taken away from us.”

Alexis said she knows of queer people who still live in the country and continue to live in fear.

“When I visited Poland last time and got to meet the LGBT people in Poland, I got to hear some stories. So many people said to me [they] can be free in central Warswaw [but] if they travel a little bit outside, they would probably have to change their outfits, or they would feel fear,” she explained. “So it is very important for me to make sure that I spread my awareness.”

Alexis, Banksie, Cara Melle, DeDeLicious, Ginger Johnson, Kate Butch, Michael Marouli, Miss Naomi Carter, Tomara Thomas, and Vicki Vivacious are the contestants on the fifth season of Drag Race UK.

Alexis Saint-Pete Real Name

Drag Race UK season five star Alexis Saint-Pete’s birth name is Peter.

Alexis Saint-Pete Nationality

Drag Race UK’s Alexis Saint-Pete is of Polish nationality.

Alexis Saint-Pete Instagram

Alexis Saint-Pete’s Instagram handle is alexis_saint_pete.