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Zoe Murphy is a British furniture and textile designer from sunny Margate. The printed pattern designer champions the idea of ‘Loving what belongs to you’ by printing onto recycled furniture and textiles using imagery inspired by her seaside hometown.

Zoe graduated from Loughborough University in 2008 with a first class degree in Printed Textiles. Having always been fascinated by the potential of re-use and rejuvenation of unwanted items, she works closely with the idea of encouraging others to consume more carefully and with more responsibility.

The prints she uses to upcycle existing furniture and textiles draw their inspiration from her seaside hometown of Margate, Kent, on the south coast of England.

Through her re-use of mid twentieth century furniture pieces and patterns inspired by Formica clad sea-side cafes, her work takes on an appropriate nod to the fifties. Bright colours and optimistic images are printed onto re-veneered drawers, footstools, side tables, and Formica wall pieces. Particular emphasis is placed upon the importance of re-using as much of a material as is possible. As well as having designed a range that is visually appealing, her work is also ethically strong and offers a more ecological alternative to the ‘throw away’ designs of today.

Since graduating Zoe’s work has been selected for the ‘New Designers’ showcase in Islington where she was one of five shortlisted for the ‘New Designer of the Year’ award. In the same year she was chosen to exhibit in the Tent London ‘Talentzone’ section and at ‘Meuble Paris’ as part of the Maison Objet shows in Paris.

In just a short time since graduating Zoe has established herself as an enthusiastic young designer. She shows at exhibitions and events around the country, and works to order from her studio in Margate, selling work with Liberty in London, Osborn & Little, as well as direct.

In an interview with Design Milk, Zoe Murphy revealed how she first became interested in creativity, design and sustainability. She said: “Both of my parents were school teachers and so we always had a lot of educational textbooks around the house and I seemed to be preoccupied with spending summers learning things from the books and then re-drawing the pictures and text from them into sketchbooks of my own. I was reproducing these little graphic interpretations when I picked up a book all about the environment and the ozone layer. I was so shocked to read about pollution, that I wrote to the Queen about it. I resolved, there and then, to do more to spread the message that I’d read. It seemed really important to me, and my tiny developing mind decided that I could get more people to pay attention if I could translate the information out of that dusty textbook using my own unique skills and talents. I went on to study textile design and screen printing at university, but always retained a strong sense of duty and have therefore always strived to create things that spread awareness about the environment and waste.”

On when she first become interested in using waste as raw material and what motivated her decision, Zoe said: “I was campaigning and caring for climate change from a young age, and wrote my university dissertation on consumption patterns and how to steer them in a market to make for more sustainable activity. In 2008, when I was challenged with creating my degree show (to showcase my print work) I knew I wanted the entire collection to be reused and made from waste. That’s when I started screen printing onto wood and furniture and even wedding dress silk for soft furnishings – eventually my entire show was made from waste.”

Zoe Murphy Money for Nothing

Margate-based designer Zoe Murphy is one of the stars of Money for Nothing on BBC. The Money for Nothing designers transform stuff dumped at the tip into bespoke and valuable pieces.

Inspired by the potential to reuse, printed pattern designer Zoe Murphy reconstructs mid-century furniture, rejuvenating it with her unique and instantly recognisable bright, colourful prints. Inspired by the seaside icons of her home town of Margate, Zoe revives and revitalises every piece with love attention, infusing her work with a distinctly fairground feel.

Zoe Murphy Age

Zoe Murphy’s age is unclear. She was born and raised in Margate, Kent. Both of her parents were school teachers.

Zoe Murphy Husband

Is designer Zoe Murphy married? It is unclear.

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Zoe Murphy’s Instagram is @zoemurphydesign.