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Tyler Gwozdz Bio – Tyler Gwozdz Wiki

Tyler Gwozdz was a contestant on the Bachelorette Season 15. He was also an aspiring psychologist and entrepreneur. He was planning on becoming a psychologist, working to obtain his PhD.

Tyler Gwozdz Age

Gwozdz was born in Greenwich, Connecticut, United States. He was 29 years old.

Tyler Gwozdz The Bachelorette

Gwozdz appeared on season 15 of The Bachelorette. He got the first one-on-one date with Hannah Brown.

Why Did Tyler Gwozdz Leave The Bachelorette?

Gwozdz left The Bachelorette after 3 weeks on the show. There was never an explaination for his removal. All Hannah said was “Tyler G. had to leave, and that’s upsetting, because I really enjoyed my date with him.”

Tyler Gwozdz Accusations – Tyler Gwozdz Reddit

An anonymous post on Reddit alleged that Tyler G. wasn’t a good guy: “Posting this from a throwaway account because I’m an active poster and don’t want this tied to my account or friends. BUT two of my best friends went to high school with Tyler Gwozdz. They both say that he is the BIGGEST a**hole douche of all time. My friend used the words ‘extreme misogynist.'”

“The story that most caught my attention involves his treatment of an ex. Apparently he dated a really sweet girl but they would get in public screaming matches often. The relationship ended horrifically – while in Europe he SPIT ON HER and left. Neither of these friends really watch the show but they cannot believe he’s going to be on TV.”

Tyler Gwozdz said in an email to Refinery29, “Addressing totally unsubstantiated rumours posted to Reddit from an anonymous account seems imprudent. I feel that even addressing them gives them some sort attention and fuel but I continue to have faith in my journey and in a purpose for everything that’s happened to me in my life. Above everything else I am a son to my mother. She raised me to be better than these sort of baseless accusations. The rumours are so far out of the realm of my personality and values that it seems silly to waste time denying, but I suppose I will for the record. BUT I will be alright….This was a decision that I came to with producers, and something that I’ve come to realize what is the best decision that could’ve been made.”

Tyler Gwozdz Death

Tyler Gwozdz died on January 22, 2020, Palm Beach County, Florida, United States. He had been hospitalized since January 13, 2020 after officers and paramedics responded to a 911 call for a suspected drug overdose.

The Bachelorette producers said in a statement, “We are heartbroken to hear the tragic news of Tyler’s passing today. Our thoughts are with the Gwozdz family and his friends.”

Tyler Gwozdz Cause of Death

According to the Palm Beach County Medical Examiner’s Office in Florida, Tyler Gwozdz’s cause of death was a drug overdose.

Tyler Gwozdz Family

Tyler Gwozdz was the eldest of five.


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