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Heidi Bomberger Bruschi Biography – Heidi Bomberger Bruschi Wiki

Heidi Bomberger Bruschi is the wife of former professional American football player, Tedy Bruschi.

Heidi Bomberger Bruschi was born in Nebraska and moved to Tucson, Arizona at the age of nine. In Tucson, Heidi was a sports standout, winning High School Player of Year.

Heidi went to the University of Arizona on a full scholarship for volleyball. Heidi was not only a member of the women’s volleyball team but also the National Champion women’s softball team.

Upon her arrival to the east coast, Heidi coached the girls’ volleyball team for Walpole High School from 1997-2000.

Heidi embraced the role of caregiver in 2005, when Tedy had his stroke and since then has been an outspoken advocate for stroke survivors and caregivers. It is important to Heidi to make sure everyone knows the warning signs and knows what to do in case of a stroke emergency.

Tedy Bruschi Wife

Tedy Bruschi’s wife is Heidi Bomberger Bruschi. The couple married on June 27, 1997 after they met as athletes at the University of Arizona.

Heidi Bomberger Bruschi Children

Tedy and his wife Heidi have 3 sons, Tedy Bruschi Jr., Rex Bruschi and Dante Bruschi.

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