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Steffie Gregg Biography – Steffie Gregg Wiki

Steffie Gregg (born Stephanie Gregg) was a social media influencer and Twitch streamer from Jamaica. She was the daughter of the former race car driver Gary Gregg, and the sister of Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg, also a race car driver. She is also the niece of Dancehall producer Rvssian.

Steffie Gregg Age

Stephanie Gregg was born in 1994 in Jamaica. She died on 31 August 2021. She was 26 years old.

Steffie Gregg Death

Steffie Gregg passed away on 31 August 2021 at the age of 26 due to COVID-19 complications. According to Dancehall Mag, Gregg reportedly had underlying health issues and suffered from an autoimmune disorder, and developed complications after contracting COVID-19. She was reportedly airlifted to Miami, but passed away on 31 August.

The news of her death was first announced on Instagram by her uncle Tarik Johnston, commonly known as Rvssian, a Jamaican record producer. Rvssian wrote: “I feel helpless. My little Steffie @svg876_. I feel I failed you and couldn’t protect you from this. COVID is REAL, You don’t know until it hits home. I lost you & daddy in the same week. You were one of the happiest persons Ever & always had a great vibe & you lit the room up with your energy. You taught my daughter adri the wine dance moves. Hhaha you guys remind me so much of each other. The hardest part was explaining to her that she will never be with you again was so hard when she cried out for you.

“She loved you so much and looked up to you. It broke my heart …when u was a 6/7 years old me & xav & kyle use to say we would always have the shotgun ready for any of the boys who bother you. But you grew into a beautiful young lady who had all them at your feet, and we use to laugh about that together. Your mom is one of the strongest women I know & you got that from her – literal twins… I promise to take care of her for you because she lost her dad and you her daughter in one week and that can break anyone.

“I’ll NEVER FORGET the LAST TIME you was with my dad you guys went off in the corner to bun a spliff together and bond “grandpa me have a little ting roll up for us” now you and him are together, I know he will take good care of you, but it wasn’t your time!! So young and didn’t get to live out the plans you had. I will miss playing WARZONE with you and Naldo. Never ever thought I would be seeing people write rip comments under your photos, that made me sick u were just in my studio with me getting your new video game tattoo.. I’ll never forget you & I can’t stop hearing your voice in my head. Kiss daddy for me too. Love you forever Steffie.”

Steffie Gregg Raheem Sterling

On 2 September 2021, England striker Raheem Sterling paid tribute to his late friend Steffie Gregg after scoring the opening goal in England’s 4-0 win over Hungary. The Manchester City forward took off his shirt to celebrate and unveiled a message which read “Love you forever Steffie Gregg”.

On Twitter, the England star shared his pictures revealing his touching tribute to Gregg with the caption: “This one was for you SVG.”

Steffie Gregg and Raheem Sterling were known to be friends, and pictures from a few years ago on Instagram show the two on holiday together with their respective partners. In May 2018, Gregg had posted a picture of herself attending a football match at the Etihad Stadium wearing a “Sterling 7” shirt.

Rvssian also shared pictures of Sterling’s tribute on Instagram, writing: “This brought so much tears to my eyes. LOVE YOUR FOREVER STEFFIE… @svg876_ Steffie your name will be remembered. Thank you @sterling7 for being a great friend and doin this. Real people do real things. She always had so much respect and love for you.”

Steffie Gregg Instagram

Steffie Gregg’s Instagram handle is @svg876_. She has over 39,000 followers on Instagram.

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