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Shazelle Louisa is a cast member of Love in the Flesh on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer. Shazelle is a receptionist from London.

Shazelle Age

She is 21 years old.

Shazelle Love in the Flesh

Shazelle and Chibz are one of the couples taking part in the BBC Three dating show Love In The Flesh. Chibz and Shazelle have been chatting over Instagram for two years, and although they arranged two dates, Chibz was stood up on both occasions.

Warning: contains spoilers

Chibz was almost ready to give up on any hope of romance with Shazelle. Over the two years that the pair were talking and FaceTiming, they arranged to meet twice – and both times, she stood him up.

As soon as they met, though, the connection was there, and the pair fell for each other, despite Shazelle momentarily having her head turned by Kwame.

In real life, things have come on leaps and bounds – they’ve met each other’s families are they’re searching for their first home together to raise their baby. Yes, that’s right – Shazelle is expecting the very first Love In The Flesh baby!

Shazelle Love in the Flesh Instagram

Shazelle’s Instagram handle is @shazellelouisa.