Who is Sara Salazar? Jose Jose’s Wife Bio, Wiki, Age, Husband, Children, Family, Divorce, Net Worth and Instagram

Sara Salazar Bio – Sara Salazar Wiki

Sara Salazar is of Cuban origin and is the wife to Jose Jose who was also known in the entertainment world as El Príncipe de la Canción (The Prince of Song)a Mexican singer,musician and acted occasionally. On Saturday, September 28, 2019 José José died in hospital in South Florida Miami at the age of 71. He had battled pancreatic cancer for several years. He was succeeded by his wife and his three children. His death was confirmed by several Mexican journalists news reports.
His assistant Laura Nunez also confirmed the news of his death on twitter where tributes began to flow on social media.

Sara Salazar Husband

She was married to her husband Jose Jose in 1995 until the time of his death on September 28, 2019.The two had a child together – a daughter in the same year called Sara Ortiz .The couple first met at a Miami house party and at first Salazar confused the Mexican balladeer who came to be her husband for a salsa singer.

Sara Salazar Children

She had a child with her husband in 1995 known as Sara Ortiz. Jose Jose also had two children with his other two wives whom they had separated.
She came into the marriage with two children of her own – Monique and Celine according to People Magazine.

Sara Salazar Family

She was married to her husband Jose Jose and the two had a child together in 1995 together with two children that Sara had before getting married to Jose Jose. Her Husband also had two children from his previous two marriages.

Sara Salazar Divorce

In 2018, Salazar admitted according to Quien, that she was living separately from his husband, but she denied that they were divorcing or rather divorced. She attributed the separation to her personal health problems.
She said, “There (José José) has the attention of my daughter,of Jimmy, the husband of my daughter who loves him very much, and of Didier, Jimmy’s brother,” according to the publication – IMBD.

According to Quien, when asked about the possibility of divorce, she said, “The one who invented that does not know me, how do you think that after my husband has done so much for me I am going out with such a thing?” She added: “I always kiss him and say ‘I love you, here I am for you forever.”

Sara Salazar Denies False death Reports of Jose Jose

In 2018, Jose Jose’s wife Sara had denied rumors that he had died at that time.
She told El Diario in 2018, “That’s a lie, José is slowly recovering. My daughter and I are watching him. They have already started giving him food and medicine. This hospital is very good and has excellent doctors.”

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