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Rightor Doyle is an American actor and writer. He is known for Bonding (2019), Nerve (2016) and True Story (2015).

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He is of American nationality

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A tribute for my fav insta account. Follow them: In 2005, I moved to NYC. I was 22. After struggling with my sexuality my entire life, New York gave me the freedom to finally be myself. I partied, drank and had sex, lots of it. I moved into an apartment in the West Village alone. A little nest of a flat. My 13 year old self was creaming his acid-washed Lee jeans to know I was living my best fucking gay life. .
One day, hungover and in need of a trim (and honestly a liver transplant) I stumbled across the street to my local barber. The hairstylist, a sweet, talkative 50 year old man began chatting my ear off. He went on endlessly about the rent going up in the neighborhood and how he couldn’t keep his place open for much longer. Engaging with him felt like too much for my deeply alcohol flooded brain. I tried to keep the conversation afloat by brattishly complaining about the ridiculous rent of my little shoebox of an apartment. . “Oh you live in 86 Perry?” .
I nodded while responding to a text from a friend re: last nights drunken slutty behavior. . “All my friends used to live there,” he went on. . “Oh. Did they get priced out of those expensive ass apartments too?” . “No.” He paused, “. . . they died.” . I looked up from my phone, suddenly breathless. “All of them?” . “All of them.” . After my haircut, stunned and sobered, I walked back over to my apartment. I sat on my bed. I tried to imagine all the men who lived there before me. Who came to New York to be free, to be themselves, to get drunk and have sex and love and be loved. A generation of men I would never know. . I follow @theaidsmemorial because I am lucky. Because the privilege of being born 15 years later than the men who lived in my apartment demands that I recognize the deep, complex, horrific, beautiful history of those who fought and lived and died before me. . In world of self obsession and social media, @theaidsmemorial is the one account that reminds me of the pain and joy of living and the privilege of being alive. I get to meet these beautiful men and women and hear their stories. Maybe one of them lived in 86 Perry St, Apartment 5. Maybe I’ll get to know him.

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