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Rick Roeber Biography – Rick Roeber Wiki

Rick Roeber, also known as “Barefoot Rick” is an American politician, who served as the Missouri State Representative for the 34th District, which includes part of Lee’s Summit and Greenwood in Jackson County, from November 2020 to April 16th, 2021.

According to Rick Roeber bio on his Barefoot Runner website, he was “dedicated as an infant in the First Methodist Church of Moody Texas in early 1956. Rick grew up in and out of church, lacking a firm foundation that ultimately led to his waywardness. Rick accepted the Lord Jesus in 1971 at Grace Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Arlington Texas at 15 years old. After several more years of searching, he rededicated his life to the Lord Jesus in May 1976. During 1976-77, he attended Capernwray Bible School in Estes Park Colorado, receiving a certificate of completion. In 1978, he allowed himself to be wooed once again by the world. It would be another 14 years of trying to reestablish his faith while dealing with homelessness, alcohol and drug addiction before surrendering to the Lord.

“Rick recommitted his life to Christ in March 1992 when he put the “plug in the jug”. During the next several years, Rick rebuilt his life, graduating with honors from the University of Missouri-Kansas City with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Journalism. During this time, he developed a love for running and eventually started running barefoot. As a recovering alcoholic and a lover of Jesus, Rick believed the Lord desired him to use his barefoot running as a ministry to others. In 2006, he began to write about his experiences and to publish miscellaneous writings to a growing email distribution. In 2007, Rick went public regarding his testimony and how the Lord set him free in the Kansas City Star article, Barefoot in the Park. Since then, Rick has shared his story with the national and local media, running groups, churches, schools, and homeless shelters.”

Rick Roeber Age

Rick Roeber’s age is unclear. He was born in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Rick Roeber Wife

Is Rick Roeber married? He is soon to be remarried after his late wife, former Republican Rep. Rebecca Roeber, died in 2019. On July 30, 2019, Rick Roeber’s wife, Rebecca Roeber, passed away from complications of a tragic car accident on her way to the Capitol. He was previously married to Michelle Keller.

Rick Roeber Children – Rick Roeber Family

Rick Roeber has three adult children: Anastasia Roeber, Samson Roeber, Gabrielle Galeano. The children told The Kansas City Star Editorial Board Roeber sexually and physically abused them around 1990. Anastasia, Roeber’s adopted daughter, said he made improper sexual advances toward her in 1990, when she was 9 years old. Samson said he suffered physical abuse from Roeber as a child. Gabrielle said she was aware of the alleged abuse while living with Anastasia, Samson and another sibling. That fourth sibling later claimed sexual maltreatment from Roeber, an allegation investigated by the state of Missouri.

Michelle Keller, Roeber’s ex-wife, gave a sworn deposition in 2003 during a dispute with him. Keller testified that Anastasia was molested in 1990 but didn’t tell her mother until 1993. Keller said state and local authorities eventually questioned Anastasia about the abuse allegations, but no charges were filed.

They made those claims during Roeber’s 2020 campaign and after he won his race. Roeber has denied the accusations. After his election in November 2020, Roeber’s children wrote a letter begging now-Speaker Rob Vescovo to prevent him from serving. “To think that this man would have a say over laws that impact thousands of children is just too much,” according to the letter signed by three of his children. “A man like this does not deserve the high honor of serving in our government.”

Rick Roeber Resignation

On April 13, 2021, Missouri state Rep. Rick Roeber announced his resignation. Here’s his full resignation letter:


“It is with mixed feelings I offer my resignation as the State Representative for the 34th District. My tenure will end at 11:59 PM on April 16th, 2021.

“It has become necessary for me and my soon to be wife to relocate out-of-state to be closer to our extended families. In addition to my fiancés children and grandchildren, my mother is in a Memory Care unit in the state where we are moving. It is expedient and paramount that I be close to my mother and my brother and his family as she is in her waning years. My fiancé and I are planning a wedding soon and will be moving shortly after.

“When I announced my candidacy in August of 2019, most thought Governor Parson would call a special election for my late wife’s seat. I had no desire other than serving one legislative year to work on a highway bill that would memorialize Representative Roeber, and to vote on some school choice bills. (The former seems to be in process and the latter became reality as the House passed ESAs and also Open Enrollment.) Unfortunately, a special election was never called so I was compelled to run for a two year term. So, after one legislative session, I have done what I set out to do in the Missouri Legislature in 2021.

“Thank you for this incredible opportunity to serve in the People’s House during the 2021 legislative session. My desire was to only continue Representative Rebecca Roeber’s legacy regarding school choice and to memorialize her legacy. I hope that I have accomplished these by my efforts this year.


“Representative Rick Roeber.”

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