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Peter Anderson is a hairdresser and contestant on BBC show Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr. Peter, who was described as a ‘style chameleon’ on the show, said to “expect the unexpected” from him.

“I’m the complete opposite from everyone on the show and there were moments where the judges were flabbergasted by some of my work,” he added.

Peter said he has always had a passion for interior design. As a teenager, he was fascinated by watching his mother decorating the house, but said that as a northern miner’s son, interior design was an unusual interest.

“My mother used to decorate and I remember her using Sanderson wallpaper which, in the 1960s was pretty out there,” he recalled. “When I got my own flat when I was 17, I had the freedom to do what I wanted and I would change the décor often. Then I bought my first salon when I was 25 and in the 26 years we had it I must have given it at least 10 makeovers.”

Peter said he was encouraged to apply for Interior Design Masters by his eldest son Joe.

“We would watch previous series and exchange notes,” he added. “He said he thought I could do better and encouraged me to fill out the application form.”

Peter runs Anderson’s Hair Salon in Monkseaton with his wife Fiona. He and wife Fiona opened their first salon on Park View in Whitley Bay in 1982 and were well-known for alternative hair styles in the 80s. Theirs was the first salon in the North East to do Boy George-style hair extensions.

After selling the business in 2006, they moved to the French Alps to start a new venture. They bought a chalet and did gourmet ski holidays for 10 years. When the family returned to the region, they opened Starks Kitchen in Heaton. Fiona and Peter left their sons in charge at Starks and opened a new hair salon – Anderson’s – in Monkseaton on March 19, 2019.

Fiona said: “The premises was formerly Orchid Thai Massage. They had a fire, so we went into an empty shell. We’ve worked hard on the design and are really delighted with the results.

“Since the opening, we’ve had lots of old and new faces come into the salon and Monkseaton is such a friendly place. It’s nice to be working at a slower pace than at our previous hairdressing business and we are one-to-one from start to finish with our clients.”

As well as being a hairdresser, Peter is also passionate about interior design and is a talented cook, having previously been a semi-finalist on the BBC’s MasterChef in 1994.

Peter Anderson Age

Peter Anderson is 64 years old.

Peter Anderson Wife

Peter Anderson is married to his wife Fiona.

Peter Anderson Family

Peter Anderson and his wife Fiona have two children – sons – Joe and Ed. Culinary skills run in the family as their eldest son, Joe, was a North East region winner on Junior MasterChef in 1998 and their youngest son, Ed, became a professional chef.

Peter Anderson Instagram

Peter Anderson’s Instagram handle is @