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Pete Woods Biography – Pete Woods Wiki

Pete Woods is an English drum maker and expert on BBC’s The Repair Shop. Woods is a drum maker at Henry Potter & Co Ltd in Aldershot, England, United Kingdom. Henry Potter & Co Ltd specialises “in the manufacture of timpani, custom-built drums, maces and various other instruments. Potter’s has built its reputation on traditional craftsmanship and finest quality,” according to the company website.

“Started over 200 years ago with the manufacture of wooden snare drums and bass drums, we have an unbroken manufacturing line of percussion instruments in accordance with traditional methods that are still being used today. Potter’s also repair the priceless solid silver timpani owned by the bands of the Life Guards and the Blues and Royals that are used for the most important royal occasions.

“In addition, we have made the finest quality copper replicas for them. This long tradition and expertise is central to the manufacture of our timpani and percussion instruments used in orchestras the world over. We have also repaired the extraordinary collection of twelve 17th-century side drums from the English Civil War, which are kept at Hampton Court.”

Pete Woods Age

Repair Shop’s Pete Woods was born in England in September 1952.

Pete Woods Repair Shop

Pete Woods is a percussion and musical instrument repairer on BBC’s The Repair Shop.

In December 2022, a Grimsby-born musician appeared on BBC ‘s Repair Shop to get her late mother’s 100-year-old cornet restored.

Over the summer, Hazel Barnes, 57, made an appearance on the popular television programme alongside her father John to see if she if could get her beloved family heirloom serviced by professionals. Time had clearly taken its toll on the instrument as it was practically unplayable due to the valves ceasing and there being several dents.

Before getting to work on the restoration, Repair Shop’s Pete Woods said the “valves are so slow it’s untrue”. The cornet has always held a special place in Ms Barnes’ heart as it was used by her mother Kath during her time in Cleethorpes Band.

Kath sadly died in 2019 but passed on her favourite instrument to her daughter. “It was so beaten and in a bad state of repair so we decided to contact BBC Repair shop to see if they could help,” Hazel told Grimsby Live.

“The most important thing for us was that it was playable and they did an absolutely marvelous job,” added the 57-year-old. After the repairs had been done, Ms Barnes even treated the show’s team to a quick tune in the barn.


He is of English nationality.