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Pete Mihalik Biography – Pete Mihalik Wiki

Pete Mihalik was a South African top criminal lawyer based in Cape Town who was shot and killed on 30 October 2018 outside Reddam House Atlantic Seaboard in Green Point, Cape Town.

Mihalik had represented a number of extremely prominent underworld figures in the Cape Town gang wars which have resulted in many hits over the years.

Mihalik’s lawyer partner Noorudien Hassan, was also executed in cold blood by a gunman who shot him twice outside his home in Cape Town two years ago.

Mihalik clients included alleged Sexy Boys gang boss Jerome “Donkie” Booysen, alleged nightclub security kingpin Mark Lifman and suspected 28s gang boss Ralph Stanfield. He was also representing former Sotheby’s boss Jason Rohde, who is accused of murdering his wife Susan at Spier wine estate in July 2016.

Pete Mihalik Death

Advocate Pete Mihalik was shot and killed as he dropped his two children off at the school gates of Reddam House Atlantic Seaboard school in Green Point. He died instantly when the assassin fired two bullets from point blank range at his head.

Pete Mihalik Age

He was 50 years old at the time of his death.

Pete Mihalik Wife

His wife, Karin, who suffered from depression, hanged herself in 2015 at the age of 48.

Pete Mihalik Children

He had two children a son and a daughter whom he was dropping off to school as he was shot and killed. The son was injured in the shooting and rushed to hospital. His daughter was unhurt though severely traumatised.

Pete Mihalik Family

Pete’s father is Janos Mihalik who has also represented a number of alleged criminal bigwigs including then-28s boss George “Geweld” Thomas and Quinton “Mr Big” Marinus. His mother, Hantie, committed suicide at the age of 38 by taking rat poison. His sister took her life at the age of 38 by jumping from a building.

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