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Orlando Leyba Biography – Orlando Leyba Wiki

Orlando Leyba is a Dominican-American stand-up comedian and actor. The Miami native got into performing funny business after his wife gave him a gift course in improvisational acting. He then discovered his gift for comic storytelling and finding humor in everyday events in his life.

He’s had multiple appearances on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” and starred in his own HBO special, “Adorable”. He’s been a contestant on the NBC show Bring the Funny, and he was a finalist in NBC’s ‘Stand Up Showcase.

His stand-up special, “Adorable,” is streaming on HBO Max. Part of the “Adorable” set consists of Leyba joking about HGTV, cat videos, being married for 15 years, and getting guilt-tripped into a visit with less wholesome family in Miami.

The special premiered on HBO Latino at first.

“I found a backdoor way to get it to the masses,” he said. “Now that it’s been on HBO Max, it’s a broader audience. I wasn’t expecting it. This special has done really well. … It helped open the door to what HBO was doing. There have been more half-hour specials requested.”

He has also appeared on TBS’s Wreck League, “Entre Nos: Part 3” on HBO Latino and TruTV’s “LaffMobb’s LaffTracks,” both performing stand-up and acting in his re-enactment stories. He also lent his voice to the Hulu animated kids’ film “Luis and The Aliens” alongside Will Forte and Lea Thompson.

Orlando has become a regular at comedy festivals, and clubs throughout the U.S and Canada.

He started working for CBS as a truck operator.

“[I] was so excited to be in the news business,” he said. “I would go in on my off days to learn more skills on the job. I knew every inch of the building and how to do each job before I left.”

Orlando Leyba Age

Comedian Orlando Leyba was aged 45 at the time of his America’s Got Talent audition.

Orlando Leyba Wife

Orlando Leyba is married to Vanessa Lozano. They have been married since December 2007.

Orlando Leyba America’s Got Talent

Orlando Leyba is a contestant on the 18th season of “America’s Got Talent” on NBC. With jokes about his wife and love of Yellowstone, Leyba found the Judges and audience’s funny bone with his hilarious standup routine for his AGT audition.

“You are just naturally funny,” said Simon Cowell. “It felt like you were telling us something that really happened.” Then he asked if Leyba if he does standup full time (he does) and what he did previously. Leyba seized the chance to quip: “I was a satellite engineer for another network that is not this network.”

“I am so glad that your wife helped you start your career,” said Sofia Vergara. “You deserve to be on a stage.”

“From the second you walked out on this stage, you were winning,” Howie Mandel said and then learned that Leyba has been at this for 13 years. “You’re a fine wine and you’re at the top of your game. I’m a huge fan.”

“I love you, too. I love your top bun and your face. It’s super cute,” Heidi Klum said. “You made us laugh and that’s what a comedian is supposed to do. So well done.”

All the Judges gave him a “Yes” vote, which enabled the Act to advance.


He stands at a height of 5’8″ (1.74 m).


He is of Latino / Hispanic ethnicity.


Orlando Leyba’s Instagram handle is @heylando.