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Olivia Calderon is a detention officer for the Tempe Police Department.

She processes the suspects the patrol officers bring into the city jail. The level of emotions coming into the jail run the gamut. So sometimes she’ll hum a little tune or sing a song to help bring the peace in what can be a stressful environment.

“Music is magic, and if you can use that to reduce some of the behavior that’s taken place or what you’re feeling inside, then I do that,” said Calderon.

Olivia Calderon America’s Got Talent

Olivia Calderon is a contestant on Season 14 of America’s Got Talent. She has been singing since she was little and has been entertaining all sorts of audiences. “I sing all types of music, but my preference or my passion is regional Mexican music,” said Olivia Calderon. “If they can feel what I’m singing then I think I’ve done my job.” Calderon says her favorite song to sing: the National Anthem.

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