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Ochuko Ojiri Wiki – Ochuko Ojiri Biography

Ochuko Ojiri is a Bargain Hunt expert and an antique dealer. Bargain Hunt is a British television program in which two pairs of contestants are challenged to buy antiques from shops or a fair and then sell them in an auction for a profit. It has aired on BBC One. Ojiri is popularly known for his work in antiques. He also loves collecting contemporary art, paintings, prints, sculpture, and drawings. He describes himself as absolutely obsessed, and in love, and infatuated with the collection.

As part of his work, he also likes meeting new people and working on his treasures. One of his best bargain hunt memories is when he bought a box of tiny Victorian china dolls. He said they were creepy and beautiful. Not to everyone’s taste, but I did very well with them! He also likes shopping in Italian markets as he describes them as great for designer vintage clothes.

Ochuko Ojiri Age

His age is being updated.

Ochuko Ojiri Wife

He is married.

Ochuko Ojiri Hat

According to Style Savage, he says, “For as long as I can remember, I’ve worn a hat every day. I think it goes back to growing up in the 70s and 80s and seeing these old black guys in their hats, accessorizing those sharp suits. More than being underdressed, I feel undressed without a hat. People fail to recognize me if, for whatever reason, I am hatless. Hats are an important part of my look.

I’ve got so many hats. Every hat you can imagine. I tend to go through cycles of obsessions. I’ve recently been really into tweed flat caps. This particular hat is my more formal hat, my Sunday hat and I’ve been wearing it on and off for the last ten years.”

Ochuko Ojiri Instagram

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