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Dan Edwards is the son of Huw Edwards and Vicky Flind. Huw Edwards and his wife Vicky Flind have five children together, all of whom are of adult age.

He told WalesOnline in an interview in 2021 that his two eldest children have a “good level of understanding in Welsh but the others less so” as English is the main language they speak in their household as his wife is English. Talking about his children, he said: “Three of my sons are linguists actually and I’ve got a daughter who is a linguist. Their facility to speak, pronounce and understand, it’s quite good but what you won’t get is a fluent conversation which obviously I regret, but at least they are far more conversant than they otherwise would have been.

“They talk frequently to my mum who is back in Llanelli and they are very aware of the heritage of my dad and the fact he was such a big figure in Welsh language culture and are very proud of that. All his books are around the place.”

He continued: “But you can’t say to my kids, for example, who are supporting Wales in every sporting arena possible and are as Welsh positive as you can get, that they are not Welsh because they can’t converse in Welsh, because that is totally wrong. Would I like my five kids to be Welsh speakers? Of course I would. How practical would that be? Not very because I’m rarely at home and my wife doesn’t speak Welsh.”

Dan Edwards Huw Edwards

Dan Edwards is the son of Huw Edwards and Vicky Flind. He has two brothers, Amos Edwards and Sammy Edwards and two sisters, Hannah Edwards and Rebecca Edwards.