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Nicole Macias McNamara Biography – Nicole Macias McNamara Wiki

Nicole Macias McNamara is the wife of Garrett McNamara, a professional surfer known for daring feats including breaking the world record for the largest wave surfed in Nazaré, Portugal, and riding a tsunami in Alaska. He is the 8-times Guinness World Record holder for the largest wave ever surfed, part of the only team to have ever surfed waves generated by a 300ft calving glacier in Alaska, and the only foreigner to receive the Vasco de Gama Medal of Honor from the Portuguese Navy for his contribution to Portugal.

Garrett McNamara’s wife, Nicole Macias McNamara, is an environmental sciences teacher. She holds a Bachelor in Health Science from the University of North Florida and a Masters degree in Environmental Education from Nova Southeastern University. She went on to teach Science to middle school children for three years and Environmental Studies to high school kids. She is also an Ayurveda health consultant and yoga teacher.

In 2010, Nicole (his future wife) and Garrett joined forces on a mission to live by example and provide meaningful nature experiences through supplemental education programs. Since 2010, Nicole and Garrett have been bringing awareness on the problems our oceans and our planet are facing.

Nicole Macias McNamara Age

How old is Nicole Macias McNamara? She grew up in Florida. McNamara wrote a touching post to his wife, Nicole McNamara, on Instagram for her birthday on May 2, 2019. He wrote: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! This is Nicole’s day to be celebrated for all that she is and all she does for everyone and everything on this planet!!! Happy Birthday to the strongest most beautiful woman I know @mammaunearthed. Ever since the first moment I saw you, I fell in love. Literally love at first sight!!!

“You are the most selfless person I know, always thinking about and taking care of everyone around you. This life we share together is literally a dream. Thank you soooo much for believing in me and having my back during the amazing times and the challenging ones as well. We were destined to be together, you are my lover, my best friend, my soul mate, my twin flame, all in one. You are my EVERYTHING!!!

“I love you more than you know!!! Can’t wait to share this Birthday with you and this journey for the rest of our life. Ps, the way you gave birth and now raise our children is next level, so precious and special to be a part of. Love you, love you, SUPER love you!!!”

During Nicole McNamara’s 29th birthday in May 2016, McNamara wrote: “Happy Birth Day Nicole McNamara !!!The best day of my life, 29 years ago you were born @mammaunearthed I am so proud of you, You inspire me, you inspire all who are fortunate to know you. The world is so blessed to have you in it. You embody and express compassion forever one and everything. Barrel and I, all our friends, and the world, today we celebrate you. Thank you, thank you, thank you !!! Never change, never, never, change !!! HAPPY BIRTH DAY !!!”

Garrett Mcnamara Wife Nicole Macias McNamara – Nicole Macias Garrett Mcnamara

Big wave surfer Garrett McNamara married his second wife, Nicole Macias, on November 22, 2012, at Praia do Norte, in Nazaré, Portugal, near the place where McNamara broke a world record in surfing. McNamara was previously married to his first wife Connie, whom he wed in 1994.

Nicole Macias McNamara Children

Nicole Macias and Garrett have two children together: Barrel and Theia. They currently split their time between Hawaii and Portugal with their growing family. In a 2019 interview with The Blue Surfer, Nicole spoke about how motherhood changed her, saying: “I have a deep respect for anyone who is a mother now. It has definitely helped me release judgments because we all have difficult times with our children. It has also made me let go of perfectionism and it has changed our marriage in so many ways. You really have to be creative and make your relationship a priority.”

Nicole Macias McNamara Family

Nicole Macias grew up in Florida. Her father is a surfer and a boat captain.

Nicole Macias McNamara Instagram

Nicole Macias McNamara’s Instagram handle is @mamaunearthed.

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