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Edina Alves Batista Biography – Edina Alves Batista Wiki

Edina Alves Batista is a Brazilian association football referee. She has refereed in various competitions including the FIFA Women World Cup, FIFA Women Olympic, FIFA Women Friendlies, FIFA U20 Women World Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, Copa Libertadores, Brazilian Serie A, Brazil Série B, Brazil Campeonato Paulista Matches, and Brazil U20 Campeonato Brasileiro.

Edina began taking charge of school matches and then amateur games in Parana state. In May 2019, Edina became the first female in 14 years to referee a men’s top-flight game in Brazil. She also worked at the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019. At the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019, she was one of 11 referees maintained for the quarter-finals onwards and the woman tasked with taking charge of a blockbuster semi-final between England and the USA.

“It was unbelievable,” Edina told FIFA of her experience. “When I thought back to everything that had happened, all I’d been through, I didn’t regret a single thing. A World Cup is a historic event.

“When Neuza suggested my name [in 2014], all I wanted was to be the main referee in one game in the men’s Serie A in Brazil. To be at the World Cup, I was so, so grateful.

“I remember on the flight to France, I couldn’t quite believe it was happening. I remember when I blew the whistle for my first game, New Zealand against the Netherlands, the feeling was amazing – that’s when I truly felt like a World Cup referee.

“And to be given the semi-final, between two great nations, I was so, so happy. It was beyond a dream.”

Growing up in Goioerê, Parana, Edina played futsal and football. She represented Brazil at futsal in the ‘90s. She had to overcome huge hurdles to become a football referee. She filled bags of soil at a seed nursery often under the scorching Brazilian sun to fund an officiating course.

“I’d always played futsal and football,” Edina told “I represented the county at futsal. But it’s a small county in the middle of nowhere – back in the ‘90s becoming a footballer wasn’t any sort of possibility.

“In 1999, my friend’s father invited me to try out as an assistant referee in an amateur game. I instantly fell in love with the adrenaline involved in officiating a football match. I knew at that moment officiating was my life.

“I quickly applied to do an officiating course, but it was expensive and I had no money. Everyone told me to forget it, that football was not for women, but I was willing to do anything.

“I was still at school in the evening, studying to become a physical education teacher, and I was [referee] training on afternoons, so I needed a job I could start early. Filling bags of soil at the seed nursery fit the bill. I would start work early, rush to training in the afternoon, then go to school.

“Of course it was exhausting but every day I was filling those bags of soil, I was doing so thinking, ‘This is going to help me do what I most want: referee football matches’. I did it for almost two years because everything turned out to be more expensive than I imagined.

“It wasn’t just the course [fee]. I had to pay for travel. Sometimes we had to travel 550 kilometres just for one class. It was every weekend.”

Edina Alves Batista Age

Referee Edina Alves Batista was born on 10 January 1980, in Goioerê, State of Paraná, Brazil.

Edina Alves Batista Nationality

Edina Alves Batista is of Brazilian nationality.

Edina Alves Batista Instagram

Edina Alves Batista’s Instagram handle is @arbitraedna.

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