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Nicole Hurst Biography – Nicole Hurst Wiki

Nicole Hurst was a Houston singer and a member of Tennessee Kids. She worked as a backup singer with Justin Timberlake. She also performed onstage with multiple superstars including Kelly Clarkson, Janet Jackson, Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys among others. Hurst performed during major events like the Super Bowl Half-time show, the Academy Awards, and the Grammys. She also performed in The White House, and on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

Nicole Hurst Age

Nicole Hurst was born on Aug. 21, 1982, and began singing as a child, family members said. She attended The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and went on to pursue music at Berklee College of Music. She passed away in August 2021. She was 39.

Nicole Hurst Cancer

Hurst was diagnosed with stage 2 triple positive breast cancer in July 2013 at the age of 31. She received the shocking news while preparing for a Timberlake and Jay-Z tour. Hurst told Houston’s ABC 13 TV station: “I think one of my first thoughts was, am I going to die? I had four months of chemo followed by my surgery which I had a mastectomy. Even while I was on chemotherapy my tumor doubled in size.”

Her cancer escalated stage 3 and it seemed all the treatment wasn’t working. “I was in the bathroom on the floor like bawling my eyes out and I was like, ‘I don’t know why I’m going through this Lord but I trust you. I trust that you are going to get me through this,” she said. “Mentally I told myself, you’ve got to get through this because you’ve got to get back on the road.”

In 2015, her cancer was in remission. In January 2019, Hurst’s doctors discovered that her cancer had spread to her brain. She underwent radiation treatments.

In August 2019, Hurst shared photos of herself in the hospital as well as pictures with friends, including Timberlake and her fellow touring backup performers.

“If you can’t tell by now, I’m kind of a private person. And I’ve been wanting to say something for months now, but could never find the right words. These pictures aren’t throwbacks from 2014, but from this year, literally from the 2nd day in January when my world was once again completely flipped upside down,” she wrote on Instagram. “What was discovered was not a cancer recurrence, but breast cancer that somehow found it’s way to my brain, forcing me to pull the emergency brake on my life and sent me immediately into whole brain radiation treatment to destroy everything that was trying to destroy me.”

“We all know everybody shares their life’s highlight reel, but rarely do we share the “REAL” reel…the deep, sticky shit that exposes our vulnerabilities and the things we try to hide from others. And I know I don’t have to share anything, but with all the craziness happening in this world, sometimes it’s comforting to see people in unexpected situations that can encourage you to find a small sliver of hope in what can feel like an otherwise hopeless place.

“The reality is, it doesn’t matter how amazing your life looks, your background, net worth, or even who you sing with, life does not discriminate and can turn on you at any time! My battle isn’t over yet, and I don’t know what the future holds…really none of us do. But I know by the grace of God, along with the unrelenting support from my incredible family and friends, I’m fighting this thang with everything in me, and so far I’m winning cause I’m still here! The last picture is a throwback to yesterday, my birthday!! And I’m celebrating every victory and soaking in the blessing of being able to celebrate another year of life, and many, MANY more to come! I hope this post will inspire you to live courageously in your present moment and recognize that with its many ups and downs, life is still beautiful.”

Nicole Hurst Death

Nicole Hurst died in August 2021 at age 39 after battling cancer on and off for eight years. On Friday, Aug. 6, ABC 13 journalist Samica Knight wrote on Instagram: “My beloved friend @nicolerhurst of 25 years, the fighter, the loving daughter, the sensational singer who’s traveled the world sharing her beautiful gift, the girl with the biggest smile in the world & the friend to everyone … lost her hard fought battle with cancer. I mean she fought hard.

“We had such a special relationship. It was a quiet bond. We’d have really deep talks. We never really discussed the cancer. She liked it that way. We’d talk dating (fascinating talks), we’d talk touring w/ @kellyclarkson & @justintimberlake & the loong list of other stars. (Sorry, Nikki. You didn’t post all your tours but you know I loved bragging on you).”

“My mom constantly said, “Nicole is my inspiration” because she REFUSED to accept defeat. For most of her 8 year battle, she’d fly into Houston, head to @mdandersoncancercenter for chemo & literally fly right out to sing on the world’s biggest stages. I remember saying “Nicole, did I see you at the White House?” She laughed, “Girl, yeah.””

“Our very last conversation was just a few days before she gained her wings. She was a little weak but our quick chat ended the way it’s ended the last 8 years. She said, “I love you, girl. I really do.” I was fighting back tears this time & said, “I love you too, girl”. You’re singing in the heavenly choir now.”

Justin Timberlake Backup Singer Nicole Hurst

Justin Timberlake paid tribute to his late backup singer Nicole Hurst in an Instagram post on Friday, Aug. 6. “My heart is so heavy. We lost a beautiful soul this week,” Timberlake wrote, alongside photos and videos of Hurst. ” Nicole lit up every room she walked into. On and off the stage she was a constant source of joy and positivity. Some things feel so unfair and we will never understand why they happen. What I do know is that we were blessed to laugh with her, to travel with her, and to experience her infectious smile and love for a life filled with music.”

“Nicole, it’s not enough to say that I am going to miss you dearly. Thank you for your light. I will do my best to carry that with me. I love you, my sister. Forever family and forever a TN Kid.”

In his post, Timberlake included a video of Hurst taking center stage at one of his concerts with a solo performance of Lauryn Hill’s “Ex-Factor,” with himself accompanying her on guitar. In another clip, she says of the pop star, “my bro over here” picked out the song, which he included in his set lists in his 2018 Man of the Woods tour.

Nicole Hurst Cause of Death

Nicole Hurst’s cause of death was not revealed. She battled cancer for eight years.

Nicole Hurst Instagram

Nicole Hurst’s Instagram handle is @nicolerhurst.

Nicole Hurst Obituary

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