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Miriama Kamo Biography

Miriama Kamo is a New Zealand journalist, television presenter and children’s author. She is the presenter and a reporter for TVNZ’s flagship current affairs programme, Sunday. A founding Sunday team member since 2002, Miriama names her investigation into alleged historical abuses at Porirua Hospital as a career highlight. She was named Best Current Affairs Reporter at the 2005 Qantas Media Awards for her investigation.

She also proudly fronts Māori current affairs programme Marae. In 2019 Miriama won the Best Reporter for Māori affairs ‘Te Tohu Kairangi’ at the Voyager Media Awards for her work on both the Marae and Sunday programmes.

Miriama Kamo has been telling stories her whole life. From writing in her father’s blank diaries as a child to a successful career as a broadcast journalist, she has always believed that telling people’s stories is both a privilege and a responsibility.

“As a journalist you have to care about people. You have to respect that you’re dealing with their lives and that includes the stuff you can see as well as the stuff you can’t. Your job is to tell a truthful story. I am really privileged to tell people’s stories. I get to relay them in a way that helps people understand their world – and the world – a little bit better. That’s the most exciting part of the job for me.”

She completed her BA in English at the University of Canterbury.

Passionate about the wellbeing of Māoridom, Miriama is a founding trustee of Kotahi Rau Pukapuka which aims to publish 100 books in te reo Māori over the next ten years.

She is also a writer. She recently published her first children’s book ‘The Stolen Stars of Matariki’ and has a second book in the works.

Miriama Kamo Age

Miriama Kamo was born on 19 October 1973 in Christchurch. She is 49 years as of 2022.

Miriama Kamo Husband

Is Miriama Kamo married? She is married to her husband Michael Dreaver, a consultant and Treaty of Waitangi negotiator.

Miriama Kamo Parents

Who are Miriama Kamo’s parents? She is the daughter of Mary and RRaynol Kamo. Both her parents were prison chaplains. Her mother retired after 33 years of serving at Christchurch Women’s Prison, Paparua Men’s and Rolleston. Her father died in August 2021.

Speaking about how her parents met, Miriama told E-Tangata: “My dad was a musician. He used to own a coffee bar called The Pink Elephant, where jazz musicians would gather to jam after they’d finished their gigs. It was, by all accounts, a pretty iconic hang-out for musos. My mum and my grandma went up there for a coffee. The law in those days meant you weren’t allowed to serve alcohol unless you were a licenced pub. And this was just a “coffee bar”. But, behind the scenes, all sorts of naughtiness went on. So my mum went there for a drink and met my dad, who then invited her and my grandma to a party.”

Miriama Kamo Family

Sunday presenter Miriama Kamo is one of five children. She has four siblings, Ward, Michaela, Amos and Sian.

Miriama Kamo Daughter

TVNZ presenter Miriama Kamo gave birth to a daughter, Te Rerehua Kamo Dreaver, at Auckland City Hospital in 2011, surrounded by family, including partner Mike Dreaver. Miriama suffered a miscarriage in 2008 and feared she would never be able to have children after being diagnosed with endometriosis.

Dreaver has a child, Sam, from a previous relationship.

Miriama Kamo Weight Loss

Sunday presenter Miriama Kamo’s weight has always tended to fluctuate by around 10kg. In 2022 Miriama shared an Instagram post in which she talked about how she changed her diet after a dare from Te Rerehua to only eat vegetables for a month. The largely planted-based diet led to Miriama shedding kilos and dropping a couple of clothes sizes.

“I didn’t want to come across as being a weight-loss advocate because I’m not, but I wanted to share what a difference it has made,” she told the NZ Herald. “I’ve had back problems for years – which is partly structural, I have scoliosis – but within about 10 days of only eating vegetables, my back pain disappeared. It truly was a miracle.”

She added: “I don’t want to be buying clothes to fit my fluctuating weight and now it’s like I can go shopping in my own wardrobe!”

Speaking about her weight, Miriama to Now To Love NZ: “My weight fluctuates a lot, by two sizes at least twice a year. It’s just up and down. I’m not particularly worried about it except when I’m at the bigger end of the scale.”

Miriama Kamo Jaw

In 2018, Newshub’s Patrick Gower revealed how he refused to let name-calling stop him chasing his dreams. As a schoolboy, Gower had seriously protruding buck teeth, and would get called a lot of names because of it. He also had dermatologist-grade acne.

Sunday presenter Miriama Kamo rallied her support behind Gower, in the process revealing how some people referred to her as “Miriama-māori-crooked-jaw-Kamo”. She tweeted: “I’m with you Patrick Gower, love Miriama-māori-crooked-jaw-Kamo #whocareswhattheysay #dreamchaser 😘”

Miriama Kamo Instagram

Miriama Kamo’s Instagram is @miriamakamo.