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Michelle Ackerley Biography – Michelle Ackerley Wiki

Michelle Ackerley is an English radio and television presenter. She grew up in Manchester and is a regular presenter for The One Show and Crime Watch. She has also hosted Loose Women.

Michelle joined the BBC as a programme maker in 2005. She has worked across a wealth of programmes within Entertainment, Children’s & Current Affairs including; Panorama, Watchdog Test House, Council House Crackdown, Fake Britain and Fraud Squad. She also fronted Health Check UK Live for BBC One during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Michelle is an accomplished live presenter: reporting on location for BBC’s Crimewatch Roadshow and Sport Relief as well as covering the red carpet for the children’s BAFTAs. She is also a regular reporter for BBC current affairs programme Inside Out Northwest covering stories that affect the local community. She is the presenter of popular BBC Daytime show Council House Crackdown and has been part of the BBC One Watchdog team for several years.

Michelle Ackerley Crimewatch Live

Michelle joined the Crimewatch Live team in 2015. On joining Crimewatch, Ackerley said: “I’m extremely proud to be part of a programme that shines a light on the continuing hard work of emergency services & volunteer teams all across the UK. To be working with detectives and victims to help get answers and the justice they deserve is a real privilege. Every series we appeal for the public’s help and we’ll be urging you to come forward if you can help solve important cases.

“Now more than ever we’ve entered into a time where holding onto a sense of community and looking out for each other is so important.”

Michelle Ackerley Age

She was born Michelle Ayele Ackerley on 21 July 1984 in Manchester, England, United Kingdom. She is 38 years old as of 2022.

Michelle Ackerley Husband

Is Michelle Ackerley married? She is engaged, not yet married, to Ben Ryan. Ben is the director of elite performance at Brentford FC. As a rugby coach, he coached Fiji to Olympic Gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Michelle lives in London with her partner, rugby coach Ben Ryan. They got engaged in April 2022.

Michelle Ackerley Family

TV presenter Michelle Ackerley is the daughter of Mavis and the late Marcus. She has a brother Jonathan Ackerley, who is married to his wife Lucinda Ackerley.

Michelle Ackerley Parents

Who are Michelle Ackerley’s parents? Her parents are Marcus and Mavis Ackerley. Her father, Marcus, died on 27 March 2018. He had been diagnosed with lung cancer in 2017. Marcus adopted Michelle when she was 4 years old. Details about Michelle’s biological father have not been made public. Her mother, Mavis Ackerley, is a TV Presenter and Life Coach.

Michelle Ackerley Endometriosis

TV presenter Michelle Ackerley secretly battled endometriosis, a condition in which cells similar to the lining of the uterus, or endometrium, grow outside the uterus. When Michelle started a hormone treatment for it, she endured gruelling menopausal symptoms at the age of 24.

“I was experiencing intense pain with my endometriosis and heavy bleeding. I’d had laparoscopies [keyhole surgery to investigate inside the abdomen] and had tried various treatments, including pain killers, over the years, when my gynaecologist suggested trying hormone replacement therapy injections,” Michelle told Closer.

“It worked, but basically put me into an early form of menopause for 18 months. I was given monthly injections into my stomach, which made my periods completely stop. I’d experience these intense hot flushes, my skin became itchy and sore and I had breakouts on my face. I suffered extreme mood swings so I was all over the place, feeling really panicky and then really angry.”

“I had lots of responsibility, and it was really exciting, but I remember sitting at my desk and occasionally I’d get this wave of heat, like someone had thrust a hot water bottle onto my chest. It started happening during meetings and phone conversations and I tried to fake it as best I could – I felt so embarrassed.

“I didn’t even tell my friends what was happening. I was so busy trying to be this bubbly, positive person while physically and mentally my body was crumbling. Often, I would go to the toilet and just stand in the cubicle trying to get myself together. I even put a fake smile on my face in front of the mirror to see if that helped.”

She added: “Part of me felt I couldn’t talk about this because it was meant to be helping me. There probably would’ve been other people sitting next to me who’d been going through their own problems and I think it’s a real shame none of us said anything. It’s great things have started to change in terms of having open conversations about women’s physical and mental health. We have more information and we’re open to discussing what we’re going through.”

After suffering for nearly 18 months, Michelle came off the treatment and the menopause symptoms subsided. However, her endometriosis returned and, eventually, she was given the mirena coil, which helped alleviate some of the worst effects.

Michelle’s mother Mavis also suffered from endometriosis and underwent a hysterectomy in her early 40s.

Michelle Ackerley Hair

Is Michelle Ackerley hair real? She has long afro hair. She was raised in a white, middle class region of Cheshire, where nobody had hair like hers. Today in the television industry, the TV presenter also faces questions about her hair.

Michelle Ackerley Heritage

Presenter Michelle Ackerley is of African heritage. Her grandfather was chief of the GA tribe in Ghana.

Michelle Ackerley Instagram

Michelle Ackerley’s Instagram is @michelle_ackerley.