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Maximillion Cooper Biography – Maximillion Cooper Wiki

Maximillion Cooper (full name Maximillion Fife Alexander Cooper) is a renowned British Designer, racecar driver, art collector, and entrepreneur. He is the founder and serves as the Creative Director of Gumball 3000. Cooper founded the Gumball 3000 Entertainment Group in 1999. Maximillion Cooper’s vision was to create an aspirational lifestyle brand that combined automobiles, art, and popular culture. The Gumball 3000 headquarters is located in London, England. In 2013, he established the Gumball 3000 Foundation aiming to benefit underprivileged youth through educational and recreational infrastructure-based projects around the world. The foundation has since worked and partnered with several organizations from different parts of the world including the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund UK, Sir Simon Milton Foundation When You Wish Upon A Star and The Westway Trust.

He is known for several roles as a producer and director, According to Maximillion Cooper’s IMDb profile, he is known for Gumball 3000, Gumball 3000: Coast to Coast (2009), and Love Live Long (2008). Cooper also worked in the past decade as guest Creative Director for several brands within the automotive and fashion sectors, including Puma, Adidas Originals, the Morgan Motor Company, and Fiat Abarth. In 2014 was voted into the ‘Top 50 Most Influential People in the Automotive Industry’ by US lifestyle publication, Complex magazine. Cooper attended Central Saint Martin’s College of Arts and Design in London, England. He graduated with a degree in fashion design in 1993. Upon graduating from college, Cooper ventured into the world of fashion and worked as a model.

Maximillion Cooper Age

He was born on June 7, 1972, in Staffordshire, United Kingdom.

Maximillion Cooper Wife – Eve and Maximillion Cooper

Is Maximillion Cooper married? He is married to his wife Eve (Eve Jihan Cooper) an award-winning American rapper, singer, actress, and television presenter from Philadelphia. Eve and Maximillion Cooper started dating in 2010. They were later engaged on December 25, 2013. The couple was married on June 14, 2014, in Ibiza, Spain. In mid-October 2021, the couple announced they are expecting their first child, Eve wrote via her Instagram, “Can you believe it @mrgumball3000 we finally get to tell everyone!!!!! You all know how long we’v been waiting for this blessing!!! We get to meet our lil human February 2022.” Cooper also tweeted, “Very excited to share this news… we have a lil human on the way!”

Maximillion Cooper First Wife

Who is Maximillion Cooper’s first wife? Maximillion Cooper’s first wife is Julie Brangstrup, a producer and actress. The couple was married in 2003 but later got divorced in 2010. Maximillion Cooper and Julie Brangstrup have four kids together.

Maximillion Cooper Children

Who are Maximillion Cooper’s children? He has four children with his ex-wife, Julie Brangstrup. He has three daughters and a son, his daughters are Lotus Cooper who was born on June 12, 2002, Jagger Cooper who was born on September 23, 2003, and Mini Cooper born on July 15, 2008. His son, Cash Cooper was born on January 24, 2006.

Maximillion Cooper Parents

Who are Maximillion Cooper’s parents? He is the son of Johnnie Cooper. His father was a sculptor and a painter.

Maximillion Cooper Net Worth

Maximillion Cooper’s net worth is estimated to be $60 Million. His wife, Eve has an estimated net worth of $10 Million

Maximillion Cooper Instagram

His Instagram handle is @mrgumball3000

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