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Matt Goss Biography – Matt Goss Wiki

Matt Goss (born Matthew Weston Goss) is an English singer-songwriter, musician, and actor. He found fame as the lead singer of the pop band Bros, which also features his twin brother Luke as the drummer and their friend Craig Logan as bassist. Having split in 1992, the brothers reunited in 2017 and starred in the Bafta-winning documentary Bros: After the Screaming Stops.

Goss has enjoyed mega success as the frontman of BROS, with their debut album Push going platinum seven times. It remained on the UK top ten music charts for an astonishing 54 weeks. With continued success as a solo artist, Goss released his solo album, The Beautiful Unknown, on 25 March 2022.

Over the last decade, Goss has had a record-breaking residency on the Las Vegas strip. He has received the revered Icon Award and has even been given his own Matt Goss Day on 8 August, which amazingly is his late mother’s birthday. The cult classic documentary: After the Screaming Stops, was nominated for three BAFTAs which resulted in a win. It also won the BBC Moment of the Year and a National Television Award, to name a few.

Born in London, Goss is a best-selling author with new books in the works. He is also set to play the lead role in the upcoming psychological thriller movie, Cobbler Killer Stranger.

Matt Goss Strictly Come Dancing 2022

On 8 August 2022, Matt Goss was announced as a contestant on the twentieth series of Strictly Come Dancing. The singer-songwriter, musician, and actor will take to the Strictly floor alongside previously announced contestants Will Mellor, Kym Marsh, Richie Anderson, Kay Adams, Jayde Adams, Ellie Simmonds OBE and Tyler West.

The Bros singer-songwriter said: “I’m extremely nervous and excited, but I’m optimistic because I’m very supple from the knees down.”

Matt Goss Age

He was born Matthew Weston Goss on 29 September 1968 in Lewisham, London, England.

Matt Goss Parents

His parents divorced and his mother remarried. Goss told The Guardian he was happiest when his mother had separated from his father. “At 37 Crawford Road in Camberwell, London. My mother had separated from my father and we had nothing, but I remember roast potatoes, twopence in the gas meter and music. It was the only time in my life when I felt at home.”

Goss’s mother, Carol, died in 2014 from breast cancer. In an interview with The Independent in March 2022, Goss said: “I honestly never speak about this but f*** it… My mum is dead. I have no relationship with my family. My father does not speak to us. He lives in France. I forgot his birthday. I’m sorry, it was Covid. It was Groundhog Day. My industry had vaporised. There was no ‘Are you OK?’ When you are famous, people don’t think you’re also the son. Yes, we are still the juniors. No matter how old you get you still need that parental influence and reassurance.”

After his mother died, Matt took in his stepfather. “I made a promise to Mum I’d look after my stepfather. Tony said he didn’t want to wear grey and black. So I really tricked him out, the 72-year-old, and he loved it. I gave him some Jimmy Choo’s sneakers in bright burgundy. He lived with me for four years and really cramped my style. It was difficult. But funny. We were called the odd couple on social media. My chat-up line was: ‘I’m Matt Goss and I live with my stepfather.’ Which is not very sexy. I bought him a car, I incorporated him into my show… After a while he said: ‘I’m ready to go back to London.’”

Matt Goss Family

He is the twin and younger brother of Luke Goss. He had a sister, Carolyn Goss, who was killed by a drunk driver in 1988. His greatest fear is “anything happening to my brother, Luke, because my sister was killed by a drunk driver and my mum’s gone. Luke feels like the only family I’ve got left, so anything happening to him would bring me to my knees.”

Matt Goss Sister

Goss’ sister, Carolyn Goss, was killed in a car accident in 1988. She was 18 years old.

Matt Goss Wife

Who is Matt Goss married to? He has never been married.

Matt Goss Girlfriend

Goss is dating jeweller girlfriend Chantal Brown.

Matt Goss Ex Girlfriends

Goss has a string of ex-girlfriends, including Melanie Sykes, Rebecca Ferguson, and Martine McCutcheon. The famous heartthrob has struggled with romance and has even given online dating a shot.

“Oh yeah. I was in a relationship recently and I cared very much for this person. But there was this insistence that we posted about it online. I said the consequence of that is our lives are going to be digested. I want to hold hands in the park. Watch Netflix. Eat takeout. I don’t want to be under the microscope. It’s different if you’re engaged or married. Then I think it’s safe. But if there’s even an element of transience then I don’t want to be exposed like that. But I have never lost the expectation of love and safety. I know what I want. I was on a dating site, and I just said: I want to find my person. Somebody with a beautiful heart and a sense of humour who likes my dog. Good conversation…”

Matt Goss Child

Goss has no children.

Matt Goss Height

Goss stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 m).

Matt Goss Net Worth

Matt Goss’ net worth is estimated to be €3 million. The fashion-obsessed Goss has a fascination with watches and jewellery and cars and architecture. Aside from a property, the most expensive thing the Bros singer has bought include: “My Patek Philippe watch collection; or my cars – an Aston Martin and Bentley Mulsanne.”

Matt Goss Instagram

Matt Goss’ Instagram is @mattgoss.