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Markus Birdman is a British comedian and semi-finalist in Britain’s Got Talent 2023. He is a veteran of the Edinburgh Fringe with many solo shows to his credit and headliner status at all the top clubs, including The Comedy Store, The Komedia, Hot Water, The Stand and Soho Theatre.

Markus has also performed at the Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth Comedy Festivals and was nominated by the New Zealand Comedy Guild for Best International Guest.

His international gig list includes Pakistan, Singapore, China, UAE, Austria, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India to name a few.

He’s also had his own Netflix Stand Up Special, ‘Live in Amsterdam’ and was also co-writer on Jayde Adams’s Amazon Prime Stand Up Special, ‘Serious Black Jumper’.

In 2015, he was nominated by the New Zealand Comedy Guild for Best International Act. He was also nominated for the Best Edinburgh Show in the prestigious Amused Moose Comedy Awards. He has thundered back into comedy with his Edinburgh Fringe show earning him a nomination for the 2023 Chortle Awards.

Markus Birdman Age

Stand-up comedian Markus Birdman was aged 52 at the time of his Britain’s Got Talent audition. He grew up in Bishop’s Stortford, half in Hertfordshire and half in Essex.

Markus Birdman Britain’s Got Talent

Markus Birdman is a semi-finalist in the sixteenth series of Britain’s Got Talent. The funny man impressed the judges and the audience on the ITV talent show as he delivered an unflinching audition on Britain’s Got Talent with his thoughts on being a parent. “Kids are the biggest source of joy you will ever have. Trouble is, they tend to ruin every other source of joy you ever had,” he said.

He continued: “I hear other parents say stuff like ‘I’d take a bullet for my child.’ Would you? I’d take a bullet for my child. Put it in the garden and shoot her.”

The 52-year-old comedian from Essex then moved on to being a two-time stroke survivor. “A couple of years ago I had a stroke, that’s what happened. “People don’t always believe me. I perhaps don’t look like a stroke survivor to you, but what you fail to appreciate is I’m actually 23,” he quipped.

Markus explained that he’s done a lot of work with the Stroke Association, and joked: “You would think as a two time stroke survivor as I am, you ought to be able to make jokes about surviving strokes to other stroke survivors. Nope.

“At one point someone stood up and went ‘stroke victims have feelings too mate’ and I went ‘I know but only down half the side of their bodies.'”

He also quipped about accidentally sitting on a blind n#ked man in the hospital.

Simon Cowell said, “I don’t think anyone was expecting that…you were just brilliant.”

Bruno said: “You’re not afraid to go there. Your delivery is absolutely spot on” (editor’s note, which of course it should be, given how experienced Birdman is).

Alesha said: “I thought every single joke was funny.”

Amanda Holden said: “I’m glad I’m wearing my big knickers tonight. Well done.”

Markus Birdman Partner

In 2013, Markus Birdman broke up with his partner Melinda after 14 years together. He lived in Liverpool for several years – first in Dale Street and later near Newsham Park – after his now ex-girlfriend was headhunted to work for arts organisation Metal at Edge Hill Station.

Markus Birdman Daughter

Stand-up comedian Markus Birdman and his ex-partner share a daughter together.

Markus Birdman Stroke

Britain’s Got Talent comedian Markus Birdman is a two-time stroke survivor. He had his first stroke in 2011 at the age of 40. When the comedian woke up unable to see properly, he initially thought he had a hangover. But it turned out he had had a minor stroke. On 5 June 2021, he had his second stroke and lost half his eyesight permanently.

He talks about his strokes in his comedy routines. His experience became the basis of an Edinburgh festival stand-up routine and he now works raising awareness about the effects of strokes.

Recent research by the Stroke Association suggests a quarter of British people don’t know that strokes occur in the brain. Four out of five stroke survivors surveyed said the people around them did not understand the impact of one.

Markus Birdman Band

In his Britain’s Got Talent audition, Markus Birdman explained that he used to be in a band and it was suggested that he try his hand at comedy.

Markus Birdman Instagram

Markus Birdman’s Instagram handle is @markusbirdman.