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Mark Haig is a qualified electronics engineer, robot maker and owner of Gizmobots. He features regularly on the BBC1 series ‘Money for Nothing’ and ‘Celebrity Money for Nothing’

Gizmobots are pieces of art made up of an abundance of objects found at car boot sales, skips and scrap yards. Each robot is carefully crafted so that all the parts come together to create a desirable, quirky robot sculpture, each with its own back story and personality.

As a qualified electronics engineer, Mark sometimes re-appropriates old electronic equipment to give the robots a purpose, such as being an iPod doc, a desk light or a working radio while others purely serve as a decorative sculpture with a unique talking point!

At a young age, Mark would sit in front of his parents’ electric fire making robots and spaceships out of cogs, wheels and bits of wood that his dad bought back from his job as a clock repairer. He is on a mission to teach the younger generations the value of re-purposing, whether that’s through repairing or re-imagining old object into whimsical sculptures. While many of Haig’s creations are decorative, he also makes robots with functions like speakers, radios and even lights for hands.

Mark Haig Money for Nothing

Robot maker Mark Haig has been featured on BBC One’s Money for Nothing.