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Mara Louw Biography – Mara Louw Wiki

Mara Louw born Marah Teboho Louw is a South African singer and actress who began singing at the age of 10 with the choir Imilonji Kantu.
In 1973 she joined Caiphus Semenya’s musical, Meropa and toured Japan, Hong Kong, The Philippines, South Africa and London and sang for the Queen at a Royal Command Performance in 1975. On her return to South Africa, her solo career took her to Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia.

She performed in the Mandela Concert at London’s Wembley Stadium, she sang at the Newsmaker of the Year Awards for Nelson Mandela, FW de Klerk and in honour of the late Chris Hani. She appeared with Nelson Mandela during his visit to Glasgow in 1993 and sang at George Square and The Royal Concert Hall.
In 1994 she sang at the inauguration of President Nelson Mandela and for the Freedom Day Celebrations at the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

She has toured Scotland, England, Wales, Switzerland, France, Egypt and Denmark, where she performed for the Queen in 1995 and the Prime Minister in 1998.

In 2001,she produced the successful musical concert Surf, which featured top South African artists including Hugh Masekela. She then translated the music of The Lion King into Zulu for the Walt Disney Corporation and performed the theme song Circle of Life in Zulu.

She had a lead role on the SABC2 television soap opera Muvhango and has acted in numerous musicals, stage plays and feature films.

She is a popular choice for corporate events and special dinner functions with a band or backing tracks. Her repertoire includes Lady is a Tramp, Wimawe, the Click song, Patta Patta, New York, New York, Wind Beneath my Wings, When a Child is Born and other well-known favourites.

She was named Best Female Vocalist by Radio Sotho and Zulu in 1984. She was nominated for an Artes Award for her album Mara and won an Artes Award for Best Performance with the National Symphony Orchestra in the Jo’burg Pops Concerts.

She was a permanent judge on the M-Net reality competition series Idols from Seasons 2-6, which aired from 2003-2010.
In 2007 she hosted her own cooking show on SABC2 called Mara Louw and Friends, in which she interviewed celebrities while cooking with them.

In 2010 she starred in the first season of the SABC2 sitcom Skwizas, about a group of elderly friends (“skwizas”) as they bustle through the idiosyncrasies of life in Skywards Retirement Village. She left the show after one season and her role was not recast.

In 2013 she starred as Girlie in the first season of SABC1’s Friday night drama series Tempy Pushas, returning in 2015 for Season 2 and in 2016 for Season 3.

Also in 2013, she starred in the Mzansi Magic miniseries Like Father Like Son, which was developed as part of the Lokshin Bioskop Series strand.
In 2015 she landed the starring role of Ma Mgcina, Boss’s doting mother who lives in Soweto, in the eKasi+ / sitcom B&B.

In 2016 she began starring in the Mzansi Magic telenovela The Queen but later exited.

Mara Louw Age

She was born on July 17, 1957, in Soweto South Africa. She is 62 years old.

Mara Louw Husband

She got married to a Scottish businessman Bill Thomson in 1986 and the union only lasted for eighteen years, parting ways in 2004.

Mara Louw Parents

While growing up, Mara Louw had always believed that her parents were Mokgethi Benjamin Louw and Charlotte Masindi Louw while Trueblue Mabasotho Louw was her blood sister.

However, in a shocking revelation, the truth eventually opened up, and Louw unbelievably found out that those whom she had always referred to as her parents were her grandparents. Then, Trueblue, who she thought to be her blood sister, was her biological mother.

They kept this as a secret since they regarded her as being born out of wedlock by her mother Trueblue Mabasotho and father Simanda Binca parted ways shortly after she was born.

Mara Louw Children

She only has one child, a daughter who is 19 years old called Moratuwa Louw.

Mara Louw Family

Her family consists of Mokgethi Benjamin Louw and Charlotte Masindi Louw her grandparents, her mother Trueblue Mabasotho and her sibling is Siphokazi Zokwana.

Mara Louw and Fergusons

Almost two years after getting sacked from their hit telenovela The Queen, actress and musician Mara Louw still had a lot to say to television power couple Connie and Shona Ferguson.

Speaking at the highly publicised Power Dialogue on Tuesday,October 15,2019, she came out and exposed the disservice that Shona Ferguson and the rest of the Ferguson Films crew had done her in the years since she left their production, The Queen. This was in the wake of Vatiswa Ndara’s explosive open letter which exposed the famous couple for dramatically underpaying her.

In support of Vatiswa’s struggles, she affirmed that the Fergusons were not the couple that their rosey-eyed fans like to pretend they are. Instead, she appeared to be on a mission to expose them for their unfair employment practices when she said:

“In 2003, I was earning R65k a month. Now I have to be told by Shona Ferguson who is a child that I am too expensive. If you wanna pay peanuts, go find a monkey”

She hasn’t stopped there, either. In a brief conversation with Tshisa Live, Marah mentioned how The Fergusons have blacklisted her from working in the entertainment industry ever since she left The Queen. She added:

“Since I spoke out, I have been blacklisted. I have not worked since 2017. It’s a cruel industry. I have been told by a few producers that they would love to work with me but they have been told that I am impossible to work with and complain about money.

“I was told by another producer that he wanted to work with me but was told not to. I now live by the grace of God.”

Mara Louw Blacklisting

She slammed Ferguson Films for blacklisting her and refusing to compensate her accordingly.

She was speaking as a panelist during the POWER Dialogue on POWER Talk on Tuesday. Louw said that in 2003, she earned R65 000 for her role in the TV show Muvhango.
“And then suddenly I’m told by Shona Ferguson, who is a child and every other producer that ‘Your fee is too high. Excuse me! If you want to pay me peanuts go and find a monkey. I have never received a penny of royalties,” Louw said during the discussion.

Mara Louw Nominations

She was nominated for the Golden Horn Award for Best Actress in a Television Soap.

Mara Louw Songs

Some of her songs include;

  • Jerusalem Ikhaya Lam
  • Mortla Le Pula
  • Ha Kelestshe – Kele Mobe
  • Mphe Maleme Ase Kete – Vuthelani Ixilongo
  • Kese Ke Utloile
  • Hee! Ba Nyoriloeng
  • Bawo Ndingu Mntwana Wakho
  • Ingoma Ka Ntsikana among others.

Mara Louw Net Worth

Mara Louw’s net worth will be updated soon.

Mara Louw Twitter

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