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Ken Sim (full name Kenneth Sim) is a Canadian-born Chinese entrepreneur and mayor of Vancouver. He first ran for mayor in 2018 with the Non-Partisan Association, ultimately finishing second in the closest mayoral election in Vancouver history. He was elected new Mayor of Vancouver on October 15, 2022, ousting incumbent Kennedy Stewart.

Addressing a crowd of cheering supporters chanting “ABC, ABC,” Sim noted that his election marks a first for the city. “The path to get here was incredibly long – 135 years after the first Chinese Head Tax was paid just for the right to come here and work on building a railway, Vancouver has elected its first Chinese mayor,” he said via CTV News.

“The history of this moment isn’t lost on me. But the honour really goes to those whose shoulders I stand on,” he added, naming a number of the city’s previous councillors, including Raymond Louie and Kerry Jang.

Running under the banner of ABC Vancouver, Sim ran a campaign heavily focused on crime and public safety, getting an unprecedented endorsement from the Vancouver Police Union.

Sim launched the new party after leaving the NPA in 2020 and was joined by sitting councillors Rebecca Bligh, Lisa Dominato and Sarah Kirby-Yung. The trio were elected in 2018 to represent the NPA but defected from the party citing concerns it had moved too far to the right.

Sim is an entrepreneur and the co-founder of two successful Vancouver-based companies: Rosemary Rocksalt and Nurse Next Door, with over 8000 team members, Nurse Next Door now serves over 200 locations across three countries.

After graduating with a business education from UBC, he sought advice from Wong, the well-known Vancouver money manager. They stayed in touch and, eventually, Wong brought Sim and DeHart together and provided them with an early investment so they could launch their company in 2001. Wong continued as a mentor, chairing the Nurse Next Door board and offering Sim invaluable life lessons.

He holds an FCPA (FCA) designation and has frequently been a speaker at post-secondary institutions and conferences globally. He is a two-time recipient of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Pacific Region) in the Emerging Entrepreneur category (2006) and in the Healthcare Services category (2016).

Sim is an active community volunteer and currently sits on the St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation Board. He supports health and harm reduction initiatives in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Ken Sim Age

Canadian-born Chinese entrepreneur Ken Sim was born and raised in Vancouver. He is 51 years old as of 2022.

Ken Sim Parents

His parents moved to Canada in 1967 with three young children. After arriving in Canada, they gave birth to another daughter and then Sim at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Ken Sim Wife

He is married to his wife Teena Gupta Sim. Ken Sim’s wife was pregnant with their first child in 2001.

Ken Sim Family

Sim and his wife Teena are parents to four children.

Ken Sim Net Worth

Sim is a multi-millionaire. He and his business partner, John DeHart, generated between $26 million and $30 million in revenues from their Nurse Next Door business in 2012.

According to documents from the land-title office, Ken Sim’s wife took out a $2.47-million mortgage on their West Side house in December 2016. On July 1, 2017, the home’s assessed value was nearly $3.7 million.

Ken Sim Nationality

Sim is of Canadian nationality. He is of Chinese origin.

Ken Sim Ethnicity

Sim is of Asian ethnicity and Chinese heritage. Growing up, Sim didn’t want a lot to do with my Chinese heritage. “I didn’t want a lot to do with my Chinese heritage,” Sim previously said. “I wanted to be like everyone else and resisted, to my regret now, learning Cantonese and Mandarin.”