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Jeanne Weiskopf Biography

Jeanne Weiskopf is the ex-wife of Tom Weiskopf and winner of the 1965 Miss America Beauty Pageant. She concurred with the Miss America Pageant officials who claim beauty is secondary to talent, personality and confidence.

“I hate the title-beauty queen,” Jeanne told the Desert Sun in February 1967. “There is so much more to the Miss America Pageant, including talent.” To walk off with the individual award for talent, Jeanne performed a modern dance routine.

In February 1967, Weiskopf left the name golfers, i.e. Arnold Palmer, Doug Sanders, Billy Casper and Jack Nicklaus in the dust when he carded a four under par 68 at Bermuda Dunes Country Club to take a one-stroke lead into the fourth round of the Hope Classic.

Afterward, Tom and Jeanne talked to newsmen, posed for pictures and appeared on national television. “This is so great for Tom,” Jeanne said at the time. “He doesn’t have to win it all, Just finish up there in the good money. He needs it so much for his confidence.”

Jeanne Weiskopf Tom Weiskopf

Jeanne Weiskopf is the ex-wife of Tom Weiskopf, who won 16 times on the PGA TOUR between 1968 and 1982 most notably the British Open in 1973, and became a prominent golf course architect and broadcaster. Tom and Jeanne married in 1967 and the marriage ended in divorce in 1999. Weiskopf was a bachelor for seven years before marrying Laurie Weiskopf, who worked in real estate.

In September 1994, Weiskopf’s wife, Jeanne, discovered she had breast cancer. In the following months, she went through a lumpectomy, radiation and chemotherapy.

Jeanne Weiskopf Family

Jeanne and Tom Weiskopf had two children – Eric Thomas Weiskopf and Heidi. Eric passed away on June 25, 2021, at age 48. Their daughter, Heidi, is a successful interior designer.

Jeanne Weiskopf Obituary