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Jamie Sun Biography – Jamie Sun Wiki

Jamie Sun (born Vincent Jamie Watson) is a Dutch singer and the former fiance of singer Naomi Sharon, who allegedly had an affair with Canadian rapper Drake.

Jamie started with gymnastics at the age of 4. In a decade of training Jamie reached several accomplishments including winning the national championships. During these years he found a greater passion for freerunning.

In 2009 Jamie was nominated for the world freerunning championships in London. Without getting a medall he participated another worldwide competition, which would be the Redbull Art of Motion in Sweden. With his 9th place Jamie took his title in the top 10 best freerunners worldwide.

Starting a career as professional freerunning athlete and owner of a performing agency, he became stuntman for the CEO of Nike, mainstage performer on Tomorrowland EDM festival and did many other projects.

At the time Jamie was chosen to participate an international multidisciplinary project based in Paris. Six artistic residencies brought him to the UK, France, Belgium, Finland and the Carribean island Guadeloupe, South America. Jamie started writing all his experiences in lyrics and began expressing himself through storytelling music.

In september 2014, Jamie announced his mixtape with a short movie in which he cuts of his own dreadlocks. His debut album Horizon was released on August 8, 2018.

Jamie Sun Age

He was born on December 5, 1990, in Rotterdam city, the Netherlands, as Vincent Jamie Watson.

Naomi Sharon’s Fiance Jamie Sun

Musician Jamie Sun dated singer Naomi Sharon for 8 years. They had “the most beautiful, supportive, and faithful relationship 8 years long with an engagement and wedding planned,” according to singer Naomi Sharon’s ex-fiancĂ© Jamie. The pair broke up after R&B singer Naomi Sharon allegedly had an affair with Drake.

Jamie Sun Instagram

Jamie Sun’s Instagram handle is @jamiessun.

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