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Jackson Snelling Biography – Jackson Snelling Wiki

Jackson Snelling is a singer-songwriter and pianist. Originally from Austin, Indiana, Snelling is a contestant on season 24 of NBC’s singing competition series “The Voice.”

He was also a contestant on Season 19 of American Idol. Jackson has used his musical platform as inspiration for others.

“I’m looking forward to sharing my message with people that autism is a disability but you shouldn’t let it disable you from going after your dreams,” states Jackson.

Jackson said his most memorable performance was at the Boys and Girls Haven in Kentucky.

“Coming from an adoption background, they reached out to me after my exposure on Idol and asked me to come perform there for their kids to give them hope and everything. And meeting those kids hands-on and talking to them and getting to perform for them was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had,” says Jackson.

He was awarded the 2021 Josie Music Awards “Entertainer Of The Year Fan Choice Award “, and 2020 JMA’s Video of the Year for his original “If I Only Knew ” in Nashville, Tennessee.

Since Jackson’s American idol audition, he has been traveling to perform in several states. He has an album out across all platforms “Storyteller “, and currently working on releasing his second EP.

Jackson Snelling Age

Jackson Snelling is 21 years old as of 2023. He was born and raised in Austin, Indiana.

Jackson Snelling The Voice

The Austin, Indiana native is a contestant in the 24th season of The Voice. Singer Snelling performed Justin Moore’s “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away” during The Voice blind auditions.

Almost immediately after he began singing, Snelling got one Coach on his side: Gwen Stefani. The camera lingered on Reba McEntire, who seemed to be searching for something specific. Finally, near the end of the chorus, she got it when Snelling hit the highest note in the song. McEntire turned her chair, which immediately prompted Stefani to shout “No!” and run across the stage to try and jokingly block McEntire’s view with her coat.

“You have a gorgeous tone of voice,” Coach John Legend said after things calmed down and the Coaches were able to chat with Snelling. “It was really inviting, it was warm. You’re in very good hands, and I’m very excited for you.”

McEntire asked him: “Who did you grow up listening to?”

Snelling replied: “I grew up listening to you, Miss Reba.”

“I tell you, Jackson, I love country music so much,” McEntire replied. “I grew up on a working cattle ranch. I’m a third-generation rodeo brat, so country music is my life, my foundation, so to hear you come on The Voice and sing like you did today, I am just so proud to be in country music and proud that you’re representing us. We would have so much fun together developing you to make those finals and win this thing.”

Stefani stepped up to make her case: “I’m very super-selective when I press my button, especially sitting next to Reba McEntire,” Stefani said. “She’s gonna judge me, OK? At that moment, it was like nothing else mattered. What you did so well with your tone, and the way that you just cradled the lyrics, you really did touch my heart. But listen, I know that the Queen is gonna come beat me right now.”

“Pick me as your Coach if you don’t pick Reba,” Stefani said.

The singer appreciated Stefani’s arguments, but Snelling went with his childhood influences and picked “Miss Reba” to be his Coach.

Jackson Snelling Parents

The singer-songwriter was adopted alongside his older brother Dawson. According to Snelling, he was taking The Voice stage to make his father proud and to pay tribute to him with a song about missing someone: “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away” by Justin Moore.

He and his brother were both adopted at a young age and both brothers have autism. As kids, Snelling would sing to his brother to stimulate his brain and help him learn to talk.

He also revealed that his adopted father died when he was just seven years old. His audition served as a tribute to his late dad.

His mom, Dacia Snelling, and brother Dawson, watched from the side of the stage to cheer him on.


He is of American nationality.


Singer Snelling’s Instagram handle is @snellingjackson.