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Jacki Pickett Biography, Jaki Fish and Chip Shop

Jacki Pickett Biography

Jacki Pickett is the owner of Jaki Fish and Chip Shop in the village of Muir of Ord in the Scottish Highlands.

Jacki Pickett Controversy

Jaki Fish and Chip Shop owner Jacki Pickett sparked fury after celebrating the death of Queen Elizabeth II by spraying champagne and dancing outside her shop. Jacki shared a video of herself on Thursday 8 September 2022, holding a chalkboard sign reading: “Lizard Liz Dead” and “London Bridge has Fallen”.

In the video, she opened a bottle of champagne and shouted: “Whooo-hoooo. Lizard Is Dead. Whooo-hooo. London Bridge has fallen. Next step, ladies and gents.”

After the footage went viral on social media, a small crowd of outraged residents descended on the shop and hurled eggs at the premises and sprayed the windows with ketchup.

She also had her trade organisation membership revoked by the National Federation of Fish Fryers (NFFF), which exists to protect the interests of the fish and chip industry.

The Federation said in a statement: “The NFFF has been made aware of social media posts made by one of our members that are in extremely bad taste and completely against all of the values our organisation and industry hold dear.

“We have discussed this as a board and have taken the decision to revoke the membership of this business owner and we will be writing to them and asking them to remove all association of the NFFF from her business, social media and websites.”