Jacey-Lynne Graham (Big Brother Canada) Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Mother, Instagram, Ethnicity, Job, Social Media Manager

Jacey-Lynne Graham Biography – Jacey-Lynne Graham Wiki

Jacey-Lynne Graham is a Social Media Manager and a reality television personality from Thunder Bay, Ontario. She is known for her role as a houseguest in the 10th series of Big Brother Canada. Graham was announced as a houseguest in the tenth season of the Canadian reality television series Big Brother Canada on Wednesday, February 23, 2022. The show started airing on March 2, 2022, on Global.

Speaking about why she got selected to be on the 10th series of Big Brother Canada, she said, “Aside from being a super fan, I think that I bring to the table a perfect combination of drama, entertainment, and determination to win the game.” She is has been watching the show for a long time and she is a big fan. Graham always wanted to try the show, she even got really close and almost made it to the very end about four years ago. She says that making it on BBCAN10 is a personal accomplishment she’s most proud of.

Speaking about her strategy going into the house, Graham told Big Brother Canada, “I plan to use my endearing and empathetic personality to create strong connections with both sides of the house. I’d like to create a final four alliance with those I trust most. If a showmance presents itself, I’ll go for it if I feel that it’s beneficial to my game… or if he’s cute. When it’s time to start winning comps, I’ll reveal my athletic side!.” In her spare time, Graham enjoys playing golf and hiking.

Jacey-Lynne Graham Age

She is 24 years old. She resides in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Jacey-Lynne Graham Boyfriend

Is Jacey-Lynne Graham married? She is currently not married. The BBCAN10 houseguest is currently single.

Jacey-Lynne Graham Parents

She is the daughter of Shantelle Graham (mother). Her father is unclear. Speaking about her daughter’s Big Brother Canada adventure, Shantelle said, “She’s been a fan of Big Brother since she was crawling around on the floor when my mom and I used to watch the American series, so she’s a true die-hard Big Brother fan. She’s never missed a season and she’s just, in fact, finished watching the Canadian seasons.”

“She did get really close, almost made it to the very end about four years ago to get on Big Brother Canada, but, you know, life changes and a lot was going on. This year she thought, ‘I’m just going to go for it again,’ and here we are,” she added. Her mother resides in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Jacey-Lynne Graham Instagram

Her Instagram handle is @jaceylynnegraham.