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Audrey Griffin is the former wife of Toronto Raptors’ assistant coach, Adrian Griffin. She is the author of the contemporary parenting book “The Day I Took Off My Cape.”

She is also the lifestyle parenting blogger of the popular parenting site “Removing the Cape” where she addresses issues concerning child-rearing, marriage, parenting, sex, and contemporary parenting as it relates to pop culture. She is the former Vice President of Behind the Bench: the National Basketball Wives Association, according to BDO.

Adrian Griffin Abuse

Audrey Griffin accused her ex-husband Adrian Griffin of abuse in a statement on Twitter. Audrey said in the statement: “How can someone tell their child to hate another parent? How can someone not follow a court order and continue life as normal? How can someone not send support but then send a $200 Visa card to their child so they can eat for a few days?

“How can someone continuously get away with abuse, almost take a life choking them while on the floor and almost passes out, throw them into a wall making a hole as big as their body, drag them across a lawn while pregnant, drag them out the house in their pj’s in zero below weather while their child holds their feet and the other children run away in fear then locking them out of the house and the child lets them in when they go to sleep, choke them holding them against a wall while their feet are off the ground, throw a 4ft ceramic vase at them that shatters an entire door glass panel, breaks down locked doors to get to them, gives them STD’s, sleeps with pr*stitutes, sleeps with a teenage ball girl??? And even though you have receipts for EVERYTHING!!!! How can you do ALL of this and still get away with it???

“I will tell you how… just be in the NBA and win a game in the bubble. Cinderfella. That’s how. Simple.”

Griffin denied the accusations saying in the following statement: “This morning, accusations were made against me on social media by my former wife that I vehemently deny. We are involved in a longstanding legal dispute over alimony and child support arrangements. I am disappointed to have to address false accusations in this way, and I apologize for any distraction this has potentially caused for our team at this important time.”

The Toronto Raptors also issued a statement: “When we saw these allegations this morning, we were dismayed – Adrian is a valuable member of our team. Our leadership immediately spoke with him and he flatly denied the allegations in the posts. We will support the process as he and his former partner settle these matters.”

Audrey Griffin Age

Audrey Griffin’s age is unclear.

Adrian Griffin Wife

Adrian Griffin was married to his former wife Audrey Griffin.

Audrey Griffin Children

Audrey Griffin and Adrian Griffin have four children, including sons Adrian Griffin Jr. and Alan Griffin, and daughter, Aubrey Griffin.

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