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Huntley Biography – Huntley Wiki

Huntley is the stage name of singer-songwriter Michael Huntley, based in Fredericksburg, Va. He is a contestant on The Voice season 24.

Huntley is from Florida but moved to Virginia around the time he started high school. He is also a graduate of Full Sail University in Florida and spent some time pursuing music in Nashville.

He has competed on American Idol three times and earned a gold ticket on at least one of those occasions.

In a 2022 interview, he said Season 2 champ Ruben Studdard encouraged him to audition for the show. Ruben was the celebrity judge as a Fredericksburg Idol competition Huntley won in 2011.

He released his debut solo single “Holdin’ On” in April 2022. On Instagram, he describes himself as a county soul artist and says he has been working on a project called “Fire and Flames,” set for release sometime this year.

He has also fronted a Fredericksburg, Va., based rock band called Lucys Letdown. The band released a 2020 single called “Loose Cannon,” but its social media went silent in 2021.

In the 2022 interview with, he described his music: “I would say I’m singer-songwriter country, definitely southern blues rock ’n’ roll. All my favorite types of music -— a little bit of Joe Cocker, a little bit of John Mayer, a little bit of Bob Marley.”

Huntley Age

Huntley is 33 years old as of 2023. He was born in Spring Hill, Florida.

Huntley The Voice

Spring Hill native Huntley, is a contestant on the 24th season of The Voice Blind Auditions. He sang a soulful cover of The Black Crowes classic “She Talks to Angels.”

All four Coaches were turned to watch him finish the performance. “When I first listened to you, I heard Chris Stapleton in there,” Reba McEntire said. “I’m a huge fan of Chris, and that’s a huge compliment to you.”

Niall Horan added, “You sing your own way. You sing very directly, and with so much power, and the control that you have, it’s so beautiful to listen to. You made us feel, and that’s a really important thing.”

Gwen Stefani echoed some of Horan’s comments with her own assessment of Huntley’s control and maturity as a singer.

“Your voice is just so automatic…and it’s pure and honest,” she said. “You sound like you’ve been singing forever onstage. You’re just very comfortable.

“Your voice has so much polish,” Legend said. “It sounds like you’ve been on big stages before, so to look at you, and you being so humble and shocked by all of us turning for you is kind of amazing to me. Your voice sounds so ready. It’s so ready for the world, ready for the radio, and truly one of the best voices we’ve heard.”

When it came to having his pick of any of the four Voice Coaches, Huntley made a slightly unorthodox request: That Stella be allowed to join him.

“I had a dream that my daughter came onstage,” he said.

When she took the stage, it was Stella’s turn to take some control in the competition, as Huntley decided to let her pick which of the Coaches would carry him through the rest of the show. In the end, she picked the Coach that Huntley named as her “crush” backstage, Niall Horan.

“Thank you, Stella, for making the perfect choice,” Niall said.

Huntley Children

He is the father of his two children, Michael and Stella. He explained how their lives changed his own. Though he spent time in Nashville trying to make his musical dreams come true, he stepped back to part-time performing in order to provide stability for his family.

Huntley Instagram

His Instagram handle is @huntleymusic.