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Grayson Fritts Biography – Grayson Fritts Wiki

Grayson Fritts is a Knox County Sheriff’s Office detective and the pastor of a Baptist church in Knoxville, Tennessee, who gave a rabid, hate-fueled sermon calling for the government to execute LGBTQ people.

Fritts called for riot teams to round up and take away Pride event participants and referenced his law enforcement work several times during the sermon. During the sermon, Fritts, said, “such arrests and executions should be carried out by our government, not Christians,” and after the congregation laughed, he added, “unless you’re a policeman.” He said the executions should be carried out “speedily” after quick trials and convictions, and said just being photographed at Pride would be enough evidence to kill someone.

Fritts gave the sermon at his church, All Scripture Baptist, on June 2, the first day of Pride month, and repeated similar themes during a June 9 sermon. Videos on the church’s YouTube channel show several homophobic sermons and calls for violence and the execution of LGBTQ people dating back to 2017. The church’s website outright says in its “doctrinal statement” that, “God said homosexuality should be punished with the death penalty, as set forth in Leviticus 20:13.”

Grayson Fritts has worked for the Knox County Sheriff’s since 1999. In March 2017, Fritts was named Detective of the Month by the department. Fritts worked as a patrol officer, correctional officer and maintenance technician before being promoted to detective.

According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, Fritts had two minor reprimands in his personnel file. He was also involved in two shootings. He fired his gun both times, but missed during both incidents. Fritts was reprimanded for sideswiping an underpass to avoid a truck and for being late twice in a 10-day period.

Grayson Fritts Wife

Grayson Fritts is married to his wife, Dana Fritts. His wife, Dana Sharp Fritts, is a stay-at-home parent who attended South College in Knoxville.

Grayson Fritts Children

Fritts and his wife have four sons.

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