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Georgie Carroll Biography – Georgie Carroll Wiki

Georgie Carroll, also known as Nurse Georgie, is a British nurse, comedian and author. She is a regular comic panellist on Australian TV having appeared on The Project, Have You Been Paying Attention?, Hughesy We Have A Problem, Shaun Micallef’s Talkin’ ‘ bout Your Generation, Celebrity Name Game, Show Me the Movie and the Oxfam Melbourne International Comedy Gala.

Born and raised in Manchester, England, Georgie moved to Australia in 2009. Settling in Adelaide, Georgie began working as an intensive care nurse at one of the state’s major hospitals. She had worked as a nurse for a decade back in England and quickly eased into her new work routine.

A year later she stumbled upon comedy after taking the plunge and venturing along to an Open Mic Night to perform stand-up for the first time. On the night, Georgie struck a chord with the audience and soon had her believing she could make a living out of comedy.

Georgie’s rise to prominence on the comedy circuit now sees her perform at festivals around the world, including the Edinburgh Comedy Festival and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. She performed in sold-out shows in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney.

She has won numerous awards over her 5 solo shows and has been televised in performances for the ABCs Comedy up late and the coveted Melbourne International Comedy Festivals Oxfam Gala.

Georgie’s combination of Nationalities, home life and hospital are the 24/7 boot camp that have nurtured Georgie’s naturally funny bones. Her bluntness and charm coupled with a razor-sharp wit, give Georgie a broad-spectrum appeal that can be put into any room, with any line-up, and shine.

Georgie Carroll Age

Georgie Carroll was aged 47 at the time of her BGT audition. She was born and raised in Manchester, England.

Georgie Carroll Parents

Georgie is the daughter of Keith and Jennifer. They separated when she was 16. Georgie’s parents adopted her brother Mark when he was about 18 months old. Mark was incontinent until he was about 12. She has an older brother, Martin.

Georgie Carroll Husband

Georgie Carroll is married to Steve. He is a “simple man who likes Excel spreadsheets, going to the pub, and sport,” she told the Sunday Life magazine. She added: “He is an excellent husband, father and human being.”

Georgie explained how she met her husband: “I’ve only ever had one boyfriend, and I’m married to him. I met my husband Steve, prior to nurse training at Huddersfield University [England] when we worked together.

“My friend in payroll and I had a competition one year to see who could kiss the most men at the Christmas party. Then she’d tally up their salaries to determine the total and the winner.

“Steve was in middle management and wasn’t bad looking, so I pashed him. I had no intention of going out with him, but he thought I fancied him and rang me at work. We went on a date in 1996. I’ve never looked back.”

Georgie Carroll Family

Comedian Georgie Carroll lives in Adelaide with her husband, Steve, and their two children Tom and Robbie.

Georgie Carroll Britain’s Got Talent

Nurse Georgie Carroll is a semi-finalist in the sixteenth series of Britain’s Got Talent. In her audition, the nurse-turned-comedian performed a stand-up comedy routine about her approach to parenting.

Nurse Georgie Instagram

Georgie Carroll’s Instagram handle is @nurse_georgie_carroll.