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Fiona Bruce Biography – Fiona Bruce Wiki

Fiona Bruce is a British journalist, newscaster and television presenter. She regularly presents both the BBC News at Six, BBC News at Ten, the Antiques Roadshow, and Fake or Fortune, Question Time and co-hosted Crimewatch for eight years.

Fiona has been a journalist at the BBC since 1990. Starting as a researcher on Panorama, she soon progressed to become a reporter on prime-time current affairs series, including Newsnight and Panorama. For four years, she presented and reported on her own investigative current affairs series, Real Story, which won five awards from the Royal Television Society.

In 2001, Fiona became the first female presenter to be part of the BBC’s general election studio team and she has won three Newscaster of the Year awards from the Television and Radio Industry Club. Fiona has also presented a number of arts documentaries for the BBC, most recently Fake or Fortune? for BBC One which she co-presents with Philip Mould.

Fiona Bruce Age

Question Time host Fiona Elizabeth Bruce was born on 25 April 1964 in Singapore State, Malaysia.

Fiona Bruce Husband

Antiques Roadshow presenter Fiona Bruce is married to her husband Nigel Sharrocks. The couple, who have been married since July 1994, share two children – son Sam and daughter Mia.

Fiona Bruce Children

Fiona Bruce shares two children with her husband, advertising boss Nigel Sharrocks; a son named Sam and a daughter called Mia.

Speaking about her family back in August 2021, Fiona admitted she did not spend enough time with her two children when they were growing up because of her high profile TV career.

Appearing on the cover of October’s edition of Good Housekeeping, she was asked how she balances work and motherhood, admitting: “It was definitely helped by having the same nanny living with us for 20 years. She left when Mia finished her GCSEs, but she’s a firm family friend.’

She added: “Did I spend enough time with my children? Scratch the surface of any working woman and she will always think, “Probably not.” I don’t think there’s such a thing as quality time with your children. I think it’s quantity.

“But there’s never been any question that they take precedence over everything in my life, and always have done.”

Fiona Bruce Salary

Fiona Bruce is one of the BBC’s highest-paid presenters. She earned £395,000-400,000 for the 2022-23 financial year. She earned £405,000-£409,999 and £450,000-£454,999 in the 2020/2021 and 2019/2020 financial year respectively, according to the BBC annual report of the salaries of its highest-paid stars.

Fiona Bruce Net Worth

BBC Antiques Roadshow star Fiona Bruce’s net worth is estimated to be £5 million.

Fiona Bruce Height

She stands at a height of 5′ 10″ (1.78 m).

Fiona Bruce Antiques Roadshow

Fiona Bruce joined the Antiques Roadshow as the presenter in 2008. One of her favourite things about working on the Roadshow is that she never knows what’s going to turn up or what she will be filming that day – “it’s all spontaneous and entirely unpredictable”.

A typical Roadshow day for Fiona starts with a brief press call for the local media. She then gets stuck into finding out what’s turned up and talking to visitors about what they’ve brought along. When she’s not filming, she works at the reception desk which is where we get our first look at what items have been brought in.

Fiona’s most memorable (and unusual) find on the Roadshow is a desiccated caul – it’s a foetal membrane that was once a pretty valuable commodity, and it was even thought to protect the owner from drowning!

Fiona Bruce Question Time

Fiona Bruce has hosted Question Time since 2019 and took over from the long-serving presenter David Dimbleby.

In October 2023, Fiona Bruce apologised to a Question Time audience member for identifying him as “the black guy” on air. On Thursday 5 October 2023, the BBC broadcast an episode of Question Time from Wolverhampton. Bruce, who had identified other white members of the audience by what they were wearing, directed the microphone to Roberto Gocan, 35, by calling him “the black guy in the middle”. The remarks were broadcast on BBC One but later edited out when the show was available to watch on iPlayer.

In a statement released through the BBC, Bruce said: “I totally understand why my words last night caused offence and I apologise. I have spoken to the audience member directly and explained that usually I can see and describe an item of clothing or otherwise to help sound engineers with a microphone find people in the audience.

“Last night that was not the case as my view was obscured. In the split second I had, the easiest thing to do would have been to ignore the audience member and move on, but I felt strongly that his voice should be heard. Nonetheless, I feel it was wrong to identify him as I did and that’s why it was removed from the later edited programme.”

A BBC spokesperson said: “We regret the choice of words used to identify the audience member. The intent was to ensure his voice was heard, however we recognise we should not have identified him in this way and apologise for any offence caused. As such, the recorded version on iPlayer has been edited to remove this.”