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Dennis Garcia Bio – Dennis Garcia Wiki

Dennis Garcia was a bassist and co-founder of the Filipino band Hotdog. The group is known for songs such as ‘Manila,’ ‘Bongga ka Day’ and ‘Ikaw Ang Miss Universe ng Buhay Ko’. The band has been credited as one of the pioneers of the “Manila Sound” in the 1970s.

Hotdog performed during the proclamation ceremonies of the Miss Universe beauty pageant held at the Folk Arts Theater in Manila in July 1974.

Dennis Garcia Death

Dennis Garcia died in January 2020. Dennis Garcia’s youngest daughter, Isa Garcia, confirmed his death in a Facebook post on Sunday, January 19, 2020. She said, “Hi to everyone. This is Isa Garcia, the youngest daughter of Dennis. For those of you who knew my father, it grieves me to inform you all that he passed away tonight. We will keep you posted regarding the details of the wake. Our grief at his sudden passing is infinite and now so is he. Thank you for being with us through this difficult time.”

Dennis Garcia Cause of Death

Dennis Garcia’s cause of death was not revealed.

Hotdog Band Members

Hotdog Band was founded by Dennis Garcia and his brother, Rene Garcia, along with solo female lead singer Ella del Rosario. Rene was the lead guitarist of the group. Rene died on Sunday, September 2, 2018. He was 65. Rene Garcia’s cause of death was cardiac arrest.

Dennis Garcia Age

Information about Dennis Garcia’s age is being updated.

Hotdog Band Songs

  • Manila
  • Ikaw Ang Miss Universe Ng Buhay Ko
  • Annie Batungbakal
  • Bongga Ka ‘day
  • Beh, Buti Nga
  • Pers Lab
  • O Lumapit Ka
  • Miss Universe Ng Buhay Ko
  • Langit Na Naman
  • Bandang Pinoy
  • Bitin Sa Iyo
  • Panaginip
  • Everybody Needs an Inspiration
  • Pers Lab II
  • Pan De Sal Sa Umaga
  • A Little Bigga
  • Pers Lab – Bersyon Ni Erpat
  • Ikaw Pa Rin
  • Kasi Naman
  • Dying To Tell You
  • kaiware
  • Meowww
  • Ganyan Ang Pag-ibig Ko
  • asiato
  • Ako’y Hindi Anghel
  • Nakangiti Ang Buong Mundo
  • h8
  • Sa Bawat Kalabit
  • Living Without You
  • Rock N’ Roll Bogie
  • A Little Bit Crazy
  • Annalee

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