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Deni Hines Biography – Deni Hines Wiki

Deni Hines (born Dohnyale Sharon Hines) is an Australian singer, songwriter and performer. She is best known for her ’90s hits – “That Word (L.O.V.E), “It’s Not Over” and Aint No Sunshine” – with the Rockmelons.

Deni’s career began when she was 15. She began touring as a backing vocalist for the who’s who of the Australian industry, including the likes of INXS & Kylie Minogue. It wasn’t until Deni began working with The Rockmelons that her true potential began to emerge. As lead vocalist on a string of hit singles, Deni was touted as “the next big thing”. The hits – “That Word (L.O.V.E), “It’s Not Over” and the hugely successful – “Aint No Sunshine” all became Top 10 smashes, with Deni becoming one of the most well known faces, and voices, in Australia.

Deni released her debut album “Imagination” in 1996. Signed to Mushroom Records, Deni spent 9 months recording for her debut release in the UK with writer/producer Ian Green. The first single from the album, “Its Alright” smashed into the charts at #4, ensuring her first solo hit with a platinum award. Further hit singles including “I Like the Way”& “Joy” solidified Deni as a solo star in her own right, and Deni deservedly received an ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) Award for Best Australian Debut Performance. The album went on to sell over 300,000 in Japan alone, while the UK release (re-titled to “Pay Attention”) result in yet more hit singles and saw her tour with Earth Wind & Fire, Chaka Khan and the Lighthouse Family. In France, “Its Alright” topped the charts for 7 weeks, making Deni a massive star and sought after collaborator.

Deni also appeared as Mary Magdalene in the hit musical “Jesus Christ Superstar” – making her the second only black woman in history to perform the role. She also appeared in “Big River”.

Following her success in France, Deni was asked to work on the soundtrack and 2 songs for director Luc Beeson’s film “Taxi”, which achieved Gold Status in its home country. Her music has also appeared in other films including the David Bowie film “Everyone Loves Sunshine”, and “Australia’s “The Wog Boy”; for which Deni recorded a cover of the classic Grace Jones track “Pull Up To the Bumper”, produced by The Black Eyed Peas.

In 2001, Deni released “Delicious Collection” – a best of album featuring new tracks and rarities. Headed by the new single “Frenzy”, the album also included “What Makes You A Man”, one of the tracks written for Beeson’s “Taxi”. The album served as a showcase from her early Rockmelons & debut solo years, ending with hints of her new direction.

In February 2005, Deni was approached to audition for a lead role in the new musical extravaganza on Dusty Springfield, “Dusty The Original Pop Diva”. The audition was a success and Deni accepted the role of Reno, a collective of characters involved in Dusty’s life. The hugely successful musical ran from January to September in 2006 with rumours for a renewed season here in Australia and in London’s West End. Deni was also nominated for a Helpmann Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Musical.

In 2006, Deni’s album titled “Water For Chocolate” and first single of the same title was released. Subsequent singles “Son of a Preacherman” and “5 Days of Rain” from the album Water For Chocolate were released throughout the remainder of 2006 and into 2007.

The album “The Other Woman” was released in August 2007. It hit the top of the Jazz Charts in Australia and Top 30 on the digital charts.

In October 2009, Deni became the ambassador for the humanitarian charity Oasis Africa Australia where she visited the village and school in Kibera, Kenya in January ’10. Her work with Oasis Africa Australia has continued to this day.

In July 2010, Deni reunited with Tamsin Carroll from the HIT Musical Dusty: the Original Pop Diva, to perform a series of shows in NSW in celebration of the iconic singer of black & white soul, “Dusty the Concert”. With over 20 hits, 16 shows in full costume and staging, Deni performed at hundreds of locations in front of thousands of people all across Australia.

In 2011, Deni teamed up with other like-minded celebrities, and raised tens of thousands of dollars for Oasis Africa Australia by appearing in the inaugural season of Celebrity Apprentice. The money raised was used to build schools and infrastructure in Africa.

In 2012, Deni appeared as Nerine Rogers in the ABC drama series, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. As a jazz singer in a 1920s Melbourne nightclub, the role provided Deni with the opportunity to show of her wares as both an accomplished singer and actor to Australian and overseas audiences.

After getting married, Deni took some downtime to set up a home and continued to write songs along with commence working on what was to become “The Soul Sessions” album.

Deni Hines Dancing with the Stars

Musician Deni Hines is competing on the nineteenth season of Dancing with the Stars. After being announced as a contestant in September 2021, Deni wrote on Instagram: “Ooh how exciting….can’t wait to bust some moves.” She was paired with professional partner Lyu Masuda.

Deni Hines Age

She was born Dohnyale Sharon Hines on 4 September 1970 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Deni Hines Husband

Who is Deni Hines married to? Deni is married to businessman and musician Daniel Moses. She met her husband at age 42. Speaking to Sunday Life magazine about her husband, Deni said: “I did a gig and saw him walk across the dance floor and wondered who he was. He came up to me after and quoted Dudley Moore and Peter Cook – two British comedians. I was like, “Oh my god, you’re so lucky, I know who you’re quoting” and I started quoting back.”

“Daniel has tremendous respect for women. His parents are still married and I lucked out because I dated a lot of f…wits in my time and I finally came good. Daniel keeps me calm and is incredibly intelligent. We live in Thailand.”

Deni was previously married and divorced twice. During her time with the Aussie band The Rockmelons, Deni married her first husband, Kirk Pengilly, from Aussie supergroup INXS.

She talked to Sunday Life magazine about her first marriage: “I married INXS guitarist Kirk Pengilly when I was 21, in 1993. He was my first serious relationship. We met via Jon Stevens. Kirk was six years younger than my mother, the father figure I never had. His daughter, April, was my stepchild. I resented the relationship Kirk had with his daughter; I couldn’t understand how he was so involved when my father wasn’t. I had issues with that relationship because I was young and didn’t dig deep enough to understand why it bothered me. We were married for 18 months.”

After her divorce from INXS guitarist Kirk Pengilly, Deni moved to London and focused on making an album. She married her second husband but the marriage ended in divorce. She told Sunday Life magazine: “We were together for three years. He got violent. It’s the first time a man has ever got physical with me.”

Deni Hines Children

Does Deni Hines have a child? She does not have any biological children. INXS guitarist Kirk Pengilly’s daughter, April, was her stepchild.

Deni Hines Parents

She is the daughter of American-Australian singer Marcia Hines and Phillip Gibson. Marcia Hines arrived in Australia from Boston in 1970 to play a lead role in the Australian production of Hair, the musical. What Marcia didn’t realise at the time was that she was pregnant with Deni.

Her mum’s first boyfriend in Australia was Jimmy Mann, a stage manager in Hair, the musical in which she was starring. He worked in theatre and took Deni to a lot of shows.

While Deni is proud of her mother, she is not a big fan of being compared to her.

“People will always make the connection,” she said. “I’m proud of my mother. I love her and she’s a great woman, but we’re two separate entities and I don’t see my mum like the rest of Australia sees her. So yes she sings, but she’s a mum.”

“People here still judge me even today, against mum. But Mum didn’t really do it in Europe, America, Asia and stuff – in those countries noone compares me to anyone but me.”

Deni Hines Father

Who is Deni Hines’ father? Deni’s father is Phillip Gibson. In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Deni revealed that she did not know her father. She said:

“The first time I spoke to him was at the age of three on the telephone. He told me he was coming to meet me on Christmas Day. I sat outside our home from sunrise to sunset and he never showed up.”

“That was the only correspondence I had with him until I was 26. I lived with strong women like Mum [Marcia Hines] and my grandmother [Esme]. They raised me. Mum was 16 and pregnant with me when she moved to Sydney from the US.”

Deni’s father’s side is African. In an interview with Jetstar Magazine, Deni revealed that her father “had Somalian and Ethiopian in him”.

She said: “My friends used to say that they thought I looked Somalian and then I found out that my father had Somalian and Ethiopian in him. So I want to go to Somalia and Ethiopia just to say: “Hey you look like me!””

Deni Hines Brother

Deni has a half-brother, Phil Jnr, who “I’ve started talking to online over the last six years. We haven’t met in person. He is a boxer. I asked him how old he was when Dad walked out of his life. He was seven. Dad read him a story, put him to bed and when he woke, Dad was gone. There was a note saying, “I can’t do this, son.””

Deni Hines Net Worth

Deni Hines’ net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

Deni Hines Instagram

Deni Hines’ Instagram handle is @denihines1.