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Daniel P. Watkins Biography – Daniel P. Watkins Wiki

Daniel P. Watkins is a trial attorney, partner & co-founder of Meier Watkins Phillips Pusch LLP, a leading defamation law firm devoted to reputation management and fighting misinformation. Based in Washington, DC, the firm is dedicated to litigating high-profile defamation cases and partnering with elite public relations firms and in-house counsel to secure accurate media coverage for clients.

Meier Watkins is founded by Megan L. Meier, Daniel P. Watkins, Andy Phillips, and Dustin Pusch. Most recently, they were partners at Clare Locke LLP, the leading defamation law firm in the United States.

Daniel P. Watkins specializes in high-stakes defamation matters and reputation counseling. When he isn’t in court, Daniel spends time counseling clients facing extortionate, false, and unfair attacks to their reputations.

He has represented governors, general counsels, high-profile whistleblowers, sports franchises and ownership groups, entrepreneurs, and some of the largest non-profit organizations in the world.

He has also killed stories and obtained retractions, corrections, clarifications, and public apologies from ESPN, The Associated Press, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, Newsweek, and Consumer Reports, to name a few.