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Dan Cogdell Biography – Dan Cogdell Wiki

Dan Cogdell is a criminal defense attorney in Houston, Texas, and the founder of the Cogdell Law Firm. Dubbed by his contemporaries a “Texas trial legend,” Dan has represented clients charged with offenses ranging from murder to medical fraud to sophisticated white-collar crimes.

Born in Oklahoma but raised in Houston since he was 6, Dan graduated first in his class at South Texas College of Law.

After a brief stint as a briefing attorney for the Chief Judge of the highest criminal appeals court in Texas, where he honed his legal analytical skills, Dan trained with and worked alongside renowned trial lawyer Richard “Racehorse” Haynes, who died in April 2017 at the age of 90. Dan became the youngest partner at Haynes & Fullenweider before branching out on his own in 1988.

Dubbed by his contemporaries a “Texas trial legend,” Dan is skilled and comfortable in state and federal courtrooms within and outside Texas. He has successfully represented defendants in such high-stakes cases as the Enron litigation the Branch Davidian trial, the trial of alternative cancer treatment doctor Stanislaw Burzynski, and the Houston City Hall bribery case.

After he secured for his client the only “not guilty” verdict in the series of Enron trials, the Houston Chronicle described Dan as “a gunslinger of a Texas criminal lawyer” standing out in opposition to “mostly New York lawyers.”

His peers have recognized him as one of the “Best Lawyers In America” since 1996. He has been recognized as a “Super Lawyer” for over a decade. Cogdell was honored by his law school as Alumni of the Year in 2015. The Harris County Criminal Lawyer’s Association voted him as “Lawyer Of The Year.”

He is a Fellow in the American College of Trial Lawyers and is consistently rated as one of the top White Collar Criminal Defense lawyers in the Country.

Dan Cogdell Age

Attorney Dan Cogdell was born on September 3, 1956, in Enid, Oklahoma.

Dan Cogdell Wife

Defense attorney Dan Cogdell is married. According to his Instagram bio, he is a “Husband, Father, Grandfather and World’s Oldest Teenager.” His son, Hunter, is named after the anti-establishment, hard-drinking, drug-infused writer Hunter S. Thompson, whose books sit on Cogdell’s desk.

Waco: the Aftermath

Dan Cogdell is a legal legend in Houston, known for taking on high-profile cases and achieving seemingly impossible victories. But perhaps his most notable case was his representation of Branch Davidian Clive Doyle in the aftermath of the Waco disaster.

Emmy-nominated actor Giovanni Ribisi stars as Dan Cogdell in Showtime’s new limited series, “Waco: the Aftermath.” The series features the disastrous FBI standoff at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, and the subsequent trial of Dan’s client, Clive Doyle.

Dan Cogdell Net Worth

Criminal defense attorney Dan Cogdell’s exact net worth is unknown. According to the Houston Chronicle, Dan is worth “millions of dollars”.