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Chloe Kempster Biography – Chloe Kempster Wiki

Chloe Kempster is a professional furniture artist, upcycler and designer based in Leicestershire, UK. She is best known for her role as an Artisan on the BBC1 show Money for Nothing. She is the owner of Chloe Kempster Design, specialising in refinishing vintage furniture. Chloe began her business in 2011 combining her training in Fine Art at university with a passion for interior design.

Professional furniture upcycler Chloe Kempster started her business, Maisie’s House, at the age of 26, shortly after having her second child. She has years of experience in the professional upcycling industry belonging to the UK’s leading professional Upcycling authority for interiors The House of Up. She also has a keen eye for styling, having a background in retail. This compliments her furniture designs really well and has led to working with many reputable interior brands.

Her style is forward-thinking and is rooted firmly in the concept of reusing secondhand furniture that is no longer wanted and in need of repair, or alternatively remaining respectful of vintage or antique pieces where possible giving them a contemporary twist.

As a result, her portfolio covers a large range of different styles and in addition has many environmental benefits, something Chloe is passionate about.

Chloe has been selected as a past Painter in Residence for Annie Sloan and is a member of the professional authority, The House of Upcycling. She has worked closely with Domestika to offer curated furniture upcycling and painting technique courses.

Recently, Chloe collaborated with Paint Brand Daydream Apothecary Paint to create a personalised paint collection that is available globally.

Chloe Kempster Age

Furniture artist Chloe Kempster is 38 years old as of 2023.

Chloe Kempster Husband

Is Chloe Kempster married? She is married with three children.

Chloe Kempster Family

Chloe Kempster and her husband have three children. She quit her job in retail at the time to be around for the kids.

“After starting my family, I knew straight away that being around for the kids was something I really wanted, so I took the leap leaving my job in retail at the time and began working from home,” she said in an interview with the Annie Sloan Blog. “Yes, it was a risk and financially it has been difficult at times, but I wouldn’t give up spending the early years with the children for anything.”


Upcycler Chloe Kempster’s mother has been her daughter’s positive role model and inspiration throughout her career. She told the Annie Sloan Blog: “I am thankful to my mum for surrounding me with creativity as a child, for always providing a good supply of art materials and her eternally positive spirit, not to mention she has a brilliant eye for interior décor!

“We have just always had so much in common and I am so grateful that I have someone I can relate to who is a great source of encouragement, she is the first one I call when I have finished a new piece to ask her opinion, love her to bits!

“Like her I have always encouraged my own children to believe the future is in their hands and I feel like Maisie’s House is a good example of that, I hope to be a positive role model to them like my mum was to me!”

Chloe Kempster Money for Nothing

Chloe Kempster appears as a designer on the BBC One Television Show, Money For Nothing, where Chloe and the team rescue unwanted treasures from heading to landfill, bringing them back to life ready for their new homes. She joined Money for Nothing in May 2019.


Chloe’s Instagram handle is @chloekempsterdesign.