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Carolyn Moore is a 30-year-old skincare company owner from Orlando, Florida. She is a contestant on Fox’s “Joe Millionaire” reboot. “Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer” features two incredible single men with one huge difference separating them: one is a millionaire, and the other has little material wealth. Eighteen women date both of them, with no knowledge of which of their potential love interests is wealthy.

Carolyn Moore, who has been featured thrice in the British Vogue, is an entrepreneur and CEO of the skincare brand Lion & Loki. The skincare company is delivered from her son Lion and puppy Loki. Its main product is the Afterglow, a “100% Plant-based multitasking skin oil,” according to the company website. The “idea to create this natural, nurturing skin oil was born as I began planning for motherhood,” said Carolyn on her company website.

“I became more focused on maintaining excellent health and wellbeing for myself and my unborn baby. I developed an interest in how the skin worked and became passionate about learning to take the best care of my skin using only the best that nature produced.

“After switching to a healthy plant-based diet rich in nutrients, I gave a great deal of thought to what else I could do to nourish and protect us both and combat the toll that today’s life takes on the skin.

“Further research confirmed that many skin and body care products contain toxic ingredients including parabens, synthetic colours and artificial fragrance.

“It made sense to replace all of my potentially harmful skin and body care products with gentle natural products that would infuse my skin with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Doing so helped my skin grow and adapt to my changing body whilst preventing stretch marks, maintaining soft silky skin and attaining a healthy radiant glow.

“My journey of exploration into botanicals, oils and other natural ingredients empowered me to develop, alongside our team of chemists and estheticians, a safe, nutrient-dense and ultra-hydrating plant based product which was 100% natural, light and easily absorbed and gives glowing results of soft, supple and radiant skin.

“As others began commenting and noticing my changing skin, I realised that my mission in life was to help not only other moms-to-be to feel confident, and comfortable in their skin, but also all women alike.

“My beautiful son Lion’s entrance into the world, and my puppy Loki’s loyalty and love throughout my pregnancy is what inspired Afterglow to be launched as my gift to all the women in the world concerned about caring for their skin as mother nature intended; safely and naturally. My skin oil removes the need to compromise between health and beauty.”

Carolyn Moore Age

She is 30 years old.

Carolyn Moore Ex-Husband

Carolyn Moore was previously married. The marriage ended in divorce. Carolyn Moore and her ex-husband have a son, Lion. They share custody of their son.

Carolyn Moore Instagram

Carolyn Moore’s Instagram handle is @caroesteph.