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Breanna Michelle Williams is a 10-year-old chef from Burbank, competing to be the best in MasterChef Junior. She ranked in 12th place.

Recognized in the show as the Burger Queen, she was the first contestant to be eliminated from the cooking show. She calls herself “Bre the Burger Queen” and her “burgers are fire. She has always wanted to compete on “MasterChef Junior” so this is a dream come true.

In an official press release from Fox, Breanna’s food dream is to establish an affordable food truck.

Breanna Michelle Williams MasterChef Junior

The 10-year-old chef was a contestant on the ninth season of MasterChef Junior.

For their first challenge, the junior chefs are each given an emoji cookie and have one hour to prepare a dish that represents the emotion behind it. The chef with the best dish will not only be safe from elimination but will also win a trip to Las Vegas in the all-new “Eating Emoji” season premiere episode of “MasterChef Junior.”

With 20 minutes left on the clock, Bre’s potatoes aren’t cooking and she admits, “I’m freaking out.” She runs to the pantry to find green beans. She can blanche those and serve them up if her potatoes don’t cook in time. The final dish they need to taste is Bre’s Heart Burger with Mushrooms, Onions & Cheese, Potato Wedges, Green Beans, and Secret Sauce. The burger is overcooked, but at least it’s seasoned well. The potatoes are undercooked. Tilly likes the sauce and says the flavors are all there, it just needs work on the cook.

The first to go home in Season 9 is Breanna. It is tough to watch a 10-year-old break down in tears. Gordon tells her she has nothing to be embarrassed about and “the Burger Queen still reigns.” Bre says it’s “not fun” going home so early, but she can’t be sad about it. She got to show how much she loves to cook and plans to come back and win “MasterChef” when she’s older.

The other contestants in the show include Alfred Eggermont, Asher Niles, Bryson McGlynn, Jason Sun, Jordyn Joyner, Kristell Jean, Lilo Tsai, Lydia Ledon, Michael Seegobin, Miles Platt, and Remy Powell.

Breanna Michelle Williams Age

As of 2024, Breanna is 10 years old. She comes from Burbank, CA.

Breanna Michelle Williams Parents

Her parents are not known to the public.

Breanna Michelle Williams Instagram

Her Instagram handle is @breannamichellewilliams.