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Brendan “Banjo” Beale is an Australian Interior Designer featured on BBC One show Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr. Originally from Australia, Banjo is an emerging Interior Designer, combining vintage finds with clever design to create characterful spaces filled with history and a dash of mystery.

Banjo is also a Cheesemonger & Marketer at the award winning Isle of Mull cheese. Isle of Mull Cheese is a traditional, family run dairy, led by it’s fearless 80 year old matriarch, Chris Reade.

Banjo grew up in central west Australia. In 2014, he and his partner Ro bought a one-way-ticket to Sri Lanka. They ended up on the Isle of Mull, Scotland. Quickly, Banjo and Ro made lifelong friends in Chris Reade, the matriarch of Isle of Mull cheese, and began to host charity nights to raise money for their yak farming friends affected by the Nepal earthquake.

The following year, Chris invited Ro and Banjo to lease the cafĂ© and farm shop – a gorgeous vine filled barn erected by the Reade family in the 80’s. Ro was the cook and bookkeeper and Banjo, the stylist behind every plate, picture and latte art. The Glass Barn is a playground of curios and collections and a constant canvas and it was here that Banjo learned the art of reimagining whatever was at hand, into something useful or unusual.

Returning to Australia for a year, Banjo began the first chapter in his Interior Design journey, convincing an unwitting group to let him design their office, art gallery and cafe. But the call of the wild west coast of Scotland was too loud, they had to return to their spiritual home.

In between farm life, Banjo is a creative director and Interior Designer, unlocking stories behind people, places and spaces. A storyteller, wily stylist and space creator, Banjo weaves a little bit of magic into everything he touches, from sourcing vintage furniture and objects to creating memorable interior design schemes.

Banjo Beale Age

He was born Brendan David Beale in October 1986 in Australia. He grew up in central west Australia. Banjo Beale is 36 years old.

Banjo Beale Partner

Banjo Beale lives on the Isle of Mull, Scotland, with his partner Ro. Ro is the production manager of Isle of Mull cheese and helps the Reade family create a distillery, turning leftover whey into spirit.

Banjo Beale Nationality

Banjo Beale is of Australian nationality.

Banjo Beale Instagram

Banjo Beale’s Instagram handle is @banjo.beale.