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Austin Kevitch Biography – Austin Kevitch Wiki

Austin Kevitch is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Lox Club, a “private, membership-based dating app for Jews with ridiculously high standards.” The Lox Club was launched in March 2020.

“I was going through a breakup, and when I finally tried a dating app, I felt it was superficial and cringe-y,” Kevitch told The New York Times. “I thought it’d be cool to have one that’s more self aware for down-to-earth people. The kind of people who make fun of dating apps. To my surprise, when I first launched it as a tongue-in-cheek website [in 2019], tons of people started applying.”

The concept of of the Lox Club began with Mr. Kevitch’s late grandparents, Morris Spielman and Josephine Kevitch, in 1923. According to the Lox Club website: “Morris and the love of his life Josie Spielman, sharing an appreciation for half-sour pickles, opened ‘Spielman’s Delicatessen’ together in New York City. But Morris tragically died that same year. Josie worried she had no business running a deli and considered closing it.”

“She felt lucky to have experienced a fairytale love with Morris and wanted to create a space for others to find love as well. She opened up a secret speakeasy hidden within the deli and called it The Lox Club. As the password to get in, members would place an order for “pickles.”

“For the next 3 decades, The Lox Club became a gathering place for the Jewish elite: celebrities, politicians, businessmen, mobsters, etc. Non-Jews such as Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe were frequent guests.

“In 1953, The Lox Club was shut down by the police, never to be seen again…until now.”

Kevitch was also the Co-Founder and CEO of Brighten from Sep 2013 – Mar 2020. He began his career as a product designer at Scholly in Santa Monica, Calif., according to his Linkedin profile.

Kevitch studied Business Management, Computer Engineering, and Psychology at Bucknell University. He also went to the University of Cape Town where he studied Philosophy in 2013. He attended Germantown Academy.

Camila Cabello Austin Kevitch

Camila Cabello is reportedly dating Lox Club CEO Austin Kevitch, according to Page Six. The former Fifth Harmony member was spotted out in Los Angeles with Austin Kevitch on June 15, 2022.

Camila Cabello and Austen Kevitch reportedly met through Cabello’s “Cinderella” co-star Nicholas Galitzine. According to Breitbart, Kevitch congratulated Galitzine for landing the part in 2018, saying on his Instagram Stories, “@nicholasgalitzine making Lexi, Laura, Geoffrey, grandma Yaya, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY ME a proud family for raising such a charming little make-believe prince!!!”

Camila Cabello was recently dating singer Shawn Mendes. Cabello and Mendes were first linked in July 2019 and were frequently snapped on their daily PDA-filled walks during the pandemic. However, the couple and collaborators officially called it quits in November 2021.

“Hey guys, we’ve decided to end our romantic relationship but our love for another as humans is stronger than ever,” they said in a joint statement at the time. “We started our relationship as best friends and will continue to be best friends. We so appreciate your support from the beginning and moving forward. Camila and Shawn.”

Austin Kevitch Net Worth

Austin Kevitch’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

Austin Kevitch Ethnicity

He is of Jewish ethnicity.

Austin Kevitch Nationality

He is of American nationality.

Austin Kevitch Instagram

Austin Kevitch’s Instagram is @austinkevitch.