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Anurita Chandola Biography – Anurita Chandola Wiki

Anurita Chandola is a contestant on MasterChef UK 2023 on BBC One. Born and raised in India, Anurita moved to the UK at the age of 25 and now lives with her husband in Bristol. She is a fashion designer and textile artist.

Anurita is the founder of Eesh, a “Himalayan product lifestyle brand with a purpose that empowers women artisans by promoting their traditional skills in a sustainable way.”

She graduated from the Royal College of Art with a bachelor’s degree in Leather Goods and Accessories Design. At the Royal College of Art, she created a collection of clothes for space (Mars) that will work in a weightless environment for future space travellers. Anurita became the youngest design manager for United Colours of Benetton’s sub brand – Undercolors. After 5 years at Benetton, she accepted the opportunity to work in the UK as Womenwear Designer.

She is currently working on a Martian house project in Bristol, as a Spacewear Fashion & textiles designer.

Anurita Chandola Age

Anurita Chandola was born in 1992 in India. She is 30 years old as of 2023.

Anurita Chandola MasterChef

Anurita Chandola is one of the MasterChef 2023 contestants cooking for John Torode and Gregg Wallace in the fourth week of heats.

How would you describe your style of cooking?

My mum is my biggest inspiration, she never follows a recipe and cooks the best food in the world. I used to help my mum in the kitchen and seeing her cook amazing dishes made me develop an interest in cooking. I have been cooking for about 20 years now and most of my dishes are vegetarian. To me, cooking comes from the heart. To emulate the complex flavours and to understand the distinct taste and aroma each ingredient brings forward, is a work of art.

What is your earliest cooking memory?

My parents and my brother taught me how to cook who are amazing home cooks and enjoy experimenting, creating and trying out new dishes. My earliest memory of cooking is with my family during festivals where we would come together and make Indian delicacies for any festival such as Holi and Diwali.

Why did you enter MasterChef?

Cooking has been my passion since I was a little girl. I always wanted to eat something nice, try out new dishes and make my own versions of it. Whenever I have travelled to different places, the main highlight is to try out the new local cuisines and learn about the food and culture of the place. I have watched MasterChef for many years now and have always wanted to participate and explore my true potential.

What is your food dream?

I want to open an authentic Indian street food chain so that nobody misses out on the real Indian chatpata food.

Anurita Chandola Nationality

MasterChef 2023 contestant Anurita Chandola is of Indian nationality.

Anurita Chandola Ethnicity

She is of Asian ethnicity.

Anurita Instagram

Anurita Chandola’s Instagram handle is @anuritachandola.